After the success of the past editions, the Culture Ticino Network Association of Lugano is proud to announce, again this year, the occurrence of the 6th Word Forum for Peace event!
This 6th edition will be held on November 12 to November 14, 2016, and will treat the topic of “Social Justice”. The latter represents, now more than ever, a hot topic in our society, including several areas of interest: the right to education and work, the social cohesion and especially the fight against poverty. The three-day event will be held in different locations, among which Villa Sassa Hotel Residence, where the long-waited “Tavola rotonda” and the solidarity Gala Dinner will take place; the Cinema Lux, which will present amazing and exciting performances, and finally the Palazzo dei Congressi, which will involve the Ticinese schools with interesting informative workshops.
This is a wonderful event aiming to bring all generations closer to the culture of peace and solidarity, through debating times, informal occasions, entertainment as well as various tailor-made activities on the issue of Social Justice.
Peace needs, above all, to be experienced into small groups, starting from ourselves, our family, then to be spread on larger scale bringing crucial values such as solidarity and exchange to the entire world.

The funds raised during the three days will be donated to the project “Renovation of the orphanage Bethany House to. Niño in the Philippines, initiated by the Association Culture Ticino Network, and to the project “Petali di Pace”, after-school atelier dedicated to the elementary schools of Ticino.

tavola_rotonda 2

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