12th-13th-14th NOVEMBER 2016

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Saturday, November 12, 2016 – Villa Sassa Hotel Residence & Spa, from 3:30 pm

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Inauguration of the 6 th edition of the World Forum for Peace with a musical performance by the musician Renato Torre and networking opportunities.

After this first opening moment, there will be a welcoming speech by the founder and president of the Culture Network Mrs. Margherita Maffeis and of many other representatives of local authorities.

Following the inauguration ceremony, the projects and initiatives of the Association Culture Ticino Network will be presented to the public, with a particular focus on two current and very ambitious projects: the “Renovation of the orphanage Bethany House to. Niño in the Philippines” and the “Petals of Peace” after-school program.

To follow there will be the unmissable “Tavola Rotonda”, treating the topic of Social Justice: work and education”.


“Social Justice: work and education”
Round Table, at the Villa Sassa Hotel Residence & Spa, Lugano

The issue at the centre of the “Tavola Rotonda” will be “Social Justice”, which includes different areas of interest: the fight to poverty, the possibility of education, the labour market inclusion, the social cohesion, with a special focus on the current and future situation. All these elements play a crucial role in achieving the said Social Justice, in particular the fight to poverty.

Our aim is to link this issue to the topics of education and work, focusing on the education system and the job market of Ticino as well as other European countries. These are issues that are currently of crucial importance not just in our local context.
To the “Tavola Rotonda” will intervene renowned speakers, among them Piera Levi-Montalcini, Sister Anna Monia Alfieri and Professor Fabrizio Mazzonna, with the participation of the journalist Antonio Franzi as moderator.


Dott. Piera Levi Montalcini


After graduating in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin and some experiences in teaching, Piera Levi-Montalcini worked in the electronics branch, in particular in software, becoming a founding partner of ADP Ltd. in 1980. From 2011 so far she is municipal councillor of the City of Turin in the Group of Moderates. She has always united her political commitment with various activities in social, particularly aimed at the training of young people and the protection of women.

More information:



Dott. Sister Anna Monia Alfieri


Graduated in Law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano in 2001, he received the Magisterium of Theology, pedagogical-didactic address at the ISSR of Milano and a degree in Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 2007, when it becomes the legal representative of the Religious House Cultural Institute and Marcelline Languages.
Since 2012 she has been President of the FIDAE Lombardy; from 2013 member and coordinator of the Permanent Table on Equality, Department of Education, Training and Employment, Region Lombardy. She is the author of numerous publications, articles on the National Education System, in particular on its completion in accordance with the Law 62/2000, in the definition of public schools, equal and state.


Prof. Fabrizio Mazzonna


Professor Fabrizio Mazzonna is a SSPH+ Senior Assistant Professor of Health Economics at the Università della Svizzera Italiana of Lugano. After graduating from the University Tor Vergata in Rome and before achieving the PhD in Econometrics in 2011, he was researcher at the University College London (UCL) for six months.





It is possible to visualize the complete speakers’ biographies by clicking HERE


At the end of the “Tavola Rotonda” the President Margherita Maffeis will consign the Spyri Award, recognition delivered from the Association Culture Ticino Network to people who have distinguished themselves in the field of peace and solidarity.

premio spyri

After the first part, there will be a cocktail and a solidarity Gala Dinner, to which you are all invited to participate!


“The solidarity flavors over time
Cocktail and solidarity Gala Dinner, at the restaurant “Ai Giardini di Sassa” – Villa Sassa, Lugano, from 7:00 pmcena_di_gala



The solidarity Gala Dinner will be filled with cultural moments and music, entertainment with the duo Le UNIO and the illusionist Daniele Er. All this will take place in the beautiful setting of Villa Sassa in Lugano. Patroness of the evening will be the former RSI journalist, Maristella Polli, familiar face of the Ticino landscape.



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“Justice on the scene, with the colors of Peace and Solidarity”
Solidarity show at the Cinema Lux Massagno, Sunday, November 13, 2016, from 3:30 pm


This show of solidarity will present the theme of social justice through dance, music and song performances about this issue.

It will be a unique and unmissable show, presented by Maristella Polli, a former RSI journalist.

foto ashkenazy 3

There will be performances of great music and entertainment by the dance school Ashkenazy Ballet Center, the duo Le UNIO and the Atelier ERGO Art Lab, in collaboration with Ensemble Donn’Arte.

Artistic directors:

  • Alessandra Ashkenazy, Ashkenazy Ballet School Center
  • Saskia Meyer, dell’Associazione Ensemble Donn’Arte
  • Francesca Parrotta, Le UNIO

Price of tickets:
Adults: CHF 20.- adults
Children aged 6 to 12: CHF 10.-
People with disabilities: CHF 10 (CHF 15 companions)
Children up to 5 years old: Free

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At the end of the show, it will be offered a drink of solidarity at the hall of Cinema Lux.

You can visualize the official poster of the show by clicking on the image below

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Monday November 14, 2016, day dedicated to schools of Ticino at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano

From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Band Subwoofer 

The final day of the 6th World Forum for Peace will begin with an official time with the presence of local authorities, guests and testimonials of various Associations, representatives of some Foundations and NGOs. Also, there will be a musical performance of “The Subwoofer” group which will inaugurate the day!

In addition, the entire day will be devoted to primary, middle and high schools of Ticino, with interesting workshops related to the theme of “Social Justice”.

The proposed workshops will be structured in training modules and data sheets tailored according to the age of the children and will be held by both industry professionals, Associations and non-profit Foundations.

The 2016 edition of the World Forum for Peace is pleased to present the Associations and Foundations taking part in the training day of Monday, November 14, 2016:

  • Association Culture Ticino Network
  • Mariapaola Parma
  • Association AOREP, Africa & Middle East
  • Association ATKYE
  • Association ASSEFA
  • Ketty Magni
  • Atelier ERGO Art Lab
  • Association COMUNDO/Inter-Agire
  • Foundation Pro Juventute, in collaboration with Associazione Aprua
  • Amnesty International Switzerland Section



There will be two rounds, in the morning from 9:45 am to approx 12:00 pm and in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to approx 4:00 pm.

From 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm there will be a lunch break, where we propose a maccheronata of solidarity.

To visualize the entire list and description of the workshop, click HERE