Project 2016-2017: “Petali di Pace” afterschool


The project covers afterschool activity for primary schools to inform about the different issues of the Culture of Peace and Solidarity.

The project goal consists in undertaking an itinerary to spread our positive messages in the schools and to foster the awareness of young peoplefor the issues of Peace and Solidarity.

The project will be carried out in Ticino region, especially in the area around Lugano, in schools, in other locations managed by the schools or in public premises.


The format

The Afterschool “Petali di Pace” offers a number of interactive workshops based on the input of the participants. These meetings include creative, theatrical and musical workshops, shows, poems and tales and possibly intergenerational projects.


Main topics

Main topics will cover positive, apolitical and non-religious messages:

  • Respect for human rights, like the right for water and food, individual freedom, education, and the improvement of the situation of women and their role;
  • Solidarity with poor, old and handicapped people;
  • Dialogue and tolerance to understand the diversity of people and the appreciation of this diversity;
  • Culture of peace and non-violence in general.



The atelier will take place as extra-school activities during the afternoon.

The “Petali di Pace” project is due to start in September 2015 or at the latest in January 2016.



Would you like to contribute to this project?

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Petali di pace