Every year Culture Ticino Network organizes several solidarity events to spread our message of peace and solidarity. Expanding our network of contacts and creating a connection between people, associations and foundations, we are permanently committed to support those most in need with concrete projects of solidarity.

The main event through which the Association seeks to raise funds for its charity projects is the Peace World Forum.
Through this important and increasingly appreciated event, the Association can continue its mission: spread peace and solidarity above all in small groups, and then on a larger scale in the rest of  the world.


In its five years of activity, the Association has supported several concrete projects:

  • 2012: project for the co-financing of scholarships for promising young musicians of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana who are in financial difficulties. The association has donated for the scholarship of the musician Jonathan Gabriel Guzman Farias;
  • 2013: project on “Food and Poverty“, with 1500 packs of rice that have been delivered to the Associations Il Tavolino Magico and Pro Senegal;
  • 2014: project “Solidarity Minivan”, supplied a minivan to the Association GenerazionePiù as a taxi for disabled and low income people;
  • 2014: project “Peace in Karamoja”, to support the development of the village Loleya in Uganda where coexistence of different ethnic groups is promoted;
  • 2015: project Petali di Pace, an after-school program for elementary school children, organized in several appointments during the school year, including workshops for the proliferation of positive, apolitical and non-religious messages of peace and solidarity;
  • 2015: second edition of the project “Food and Poverty”, fundraising for an orphanage in the Philippines. The objective is to create a bridge between Ticino and the Philippines, and to supply the necessary funds for the orphanage.