Culture Ticino Network


The Culture Ticino Network Association promotes several events to encourage a culture of peace and solidarity. It is very easy to help us and we appreciate every effort made to contribute to our goals.

Here you find some ways to support us:

a)     Members and volunteers:

Be a member or volunteer of our Association! Being a member or a volunteer you will make part of your organisation and you will be informed about our events and activities.
It is easy, just:

  • phone us at + 41 91 922 95 18 (office hours), or
  • email us at

b)     Buy our pictures “Riti e culture dell’acqua”

On our website, you can find a special section called “Buy our pictures” where there are all the details about the photos exhibition “Riti e culture dell’acqua” and how you can buy the pictures. These pictures are shown at Restaurant “Orologio” in Lugano and buying them you will support all the projects of our Association.
Click here to view all the pictures collection.

c)     Fair Weddings

In collaboration with Andrea Lavaria Photography (, the Culture Ticino Network Association is pleasant to introduce a new fundraising project.

By chosing the photo service of Andrea Lavaria you invite the concern for solidarity and peace to your wedding. By doing so you will support the projects of Culture Ticino Network Association. It does not take much to make your wedding a day of bliss and happiness not only for you, but also for other people!

For further information, please contact us at +41 (0)91 922 95 18 or email at

d)    Donations 

As our Association has been recognised as a public law Association, all donations can be detracted from the taxes. Every donation, even a small amount, will help us to keep on funding our fair projects!
For further information, please click HERE.