The Association Culture Ticino Network of Lugano launches, for all 2022 and beyond, a special fundraiser in collaboration with the historic bakery – pastry Bignasca of Sonvico to support “scholarships (Tesda programs) and start up” in the field of pastry and bakery in the Region of Bulacan, Philippines. For this purpose, the bakery Bignasca has created a baked product named: “GIOIA ESOTICA” that you can order at our Association in Lugano or buy directly at the bakery Bignasca in Pregassona. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the cake “GIOIA ESOTICA” will be donated to the project “Professional training in the field of gastronomy and support the start-up of independent activities in the Province of Bulacan in the Philippines”.  Partners of the project are Korphil Training Center in Bulacan and our sister Association Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association in Paombong/Philippines.

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