2015: Workshop for Schools

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Monday, November 16, 2015, starting from 8:45 am at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano

Culture Ticino Network proposes a day dedicated to schools, from elementary schools to high schools. The students will participate in various workshops with structured training modules and data sheets. The activities will be coordinated by experts interactively provide detailed explanations on the topics of the 5th World Forum for Peace. During the day there will be an official part with the presence of distinguished guests, including the famous KARMA CREW and other testimonial surprise. For the occasion there will be a maccheronata solidarity. The proceeds from the day will go to fund projects of the Association this year: the project Petals of Peace and the second edition of “Food and Poverty.”

workshop scuole karma krew


  • 08:45 – Schools welcoming
  • 09:15 – Welcome to our guests: the Karma Krew
  • Introductory speech by Margherita Maffeis, president and founder of the Association
  • Musical performance in the choir of the Middle Schools of Canobbio
  • 09:45 – Break
  • 10:00 – Beginning of the workshops
  • 12:00 – Lunch: “Maccheroni of Solidarity”
  • 13:00 – Resuming of workshops
  • 16:00 – End of activities

Here are some workshops that have been approved: 

Workshop 1:


Edited by Association Culture Ticino Network. The workshop introduces students to the work and mission carried out by the association in expanding the culture of peace among people, especially young people.

The culture of peace needs to be lived first in small groups (family, school, friends) to be disseminated on a larger scale in the rest of world. Our aim, in line with the activities carried out by us, therefore, is to spread a message that can touch the hearts of all generations, so that they can build a future sensitive to the culture of peace among people of all walks of life and nationality, in Ticino and in the world.

“Petals of Peace” is one of the main projects of the association for the year 2015, which provides an after-school program dedicated to school children from Ticino, to introduce them to the culture of peace and solidarity through activities with experienced animators.

During the workshop, students will be able to participate in some activities taking place during after-school “Petals of Peace”. At the center of these activities will be only positive messages, totally apolitical and non-religious, which is already well convey to boys from a young age, such as:

  • the defense of human rights;
  • solidarity;
  • the dialogue;
  • tolerance;
  • the culture of non-violence;
  • the role of women in today’s society.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 2:  


The workshop will be held by Katharina Kindler, volunteer for ASSEFA. There will be the projection of the documentary “Women’s Self-Help Groups” for the students.

Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHG) are the basic establishment in the rural communities of India. They are groups composed exclusively by women and developed numerous tools such as micro credit, mutual funds, and forms of life insurance and livestock. The state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India, now has over 7,000 of these groups, each of which consists of up to 20 twenty women, totaling more than 120,000 women.

ASSEFA promotes the creation of non-violent, peaceful and harmonious community in India, realizing development initiatives based on the thought of Gandhi, for the benefit of rural communities, especially the poor, women and children.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 3:


The workshop, organized by the Ticino Kenya Youth Education (ATKYE), wants to put the spotlight on how the rapid changes in the dynamics of society are changing the role occupied by women.

The workshop, organized by the Ticino Kenya Youth Education (ATKYE), wants to put the spotlight on how the rapid changes in the societies are changing the role occupied by women.

The first step will be to draw parallels between our reality of Ticino and that of Kenya, where the NGO runs a school, in order to expose examples of real situations. Using photographic significant evidence , and resorting to reflection points, we will try to humanize young people about the ethnic influences, social, cultural and economic conditions that are the basis of a different view, place and role of women in their respective belonging world; and how these trends evolve at different pace.

The depth of the speech will be adapted and diversified accordingly to the age of the children who participate.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 4:  


Recycling is an increasingly important aspect in the management of our environment, and what better way of teaching to young the importance of this practice through a series of activities that can entertain and, together, stimulating their creativity? Creative workshop by Katya Priolo.

In this particular workshop we will especially focus on an object that, for some years now, has become customary in many homes: the coffee capsules. Used Coffee capsules, apparently intended for the garbage, which, with the help of some tools, and a lot of imagination, will instead be used as a raw material for making jewellery and cute items from decoration.

The workshop will begin with a short introduction to interact with the students about the importance of recycling for the preservation of our environment. Following will be presented the activity of “creative recycling” and then will follow the activity of creating concrete.

The works made by the students will then be allocated to a Christmas market for raising funds or, alternatively, used to decorate Christmas trees in some homes for the elderly or disabled, directly involving classes in the work of decorating.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 5:  


Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with animators in order to find out how important the cooperation of different types of creative people in the production of a show. The interactions will be partially driven by the narrator, who at some point will go directly to the public, involving them in the representation and, together with the actors, will answer to their questions. The workshop will be held by the  Giovanni Paolo Bortone’s group Teatro Argonauti. 

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 6:  


This workshop is organized by Social Business Earth, which places among its main goals the acquisition of familiarity with the theoretical and practical principles of social business. The incentive to creativity of the students in finding a solution to social problems through a model of social business (according to the principles Nobel Prize for Peace in 2006, Muhammad Yunus) and the creation of new alumni networks to develop young people’s interest in the enterprise social.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 7:  


Laboratory of art-therapy, by the Dr. Mariapaola Parma. Depending on the age of users present and in the most appropriate and gently as possible, will offer an overview of the situation of women’s lives in the world (work, wealth, roles, stereotypes, discrimination, rights, violence etc.). Will be analyzed with a braistorming concepts of rights acquired and to be acquired in the world, EQUALITY AND INEQUALITY, including similarities and differences between male female. The idea is to give value and hold together the diversity.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 8:


By Rosi Lara Widmer, the workshop is dedicated to the culture, traditions, life and young people in Nepal and how the earthquake has changed things in the country. Students will learn what it means not having or losing parents, live in poverty. Children will have the opportunity to express their feeling and opinions. For older students, from middle and high schools, the workshok will focus on the lives of young people in Nepal and the problems of the country especially after the earthquake.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.


Workshop 9


Edited by Corinne Zaugg, journalist responsible for communication of Aid to the Church in Need of Italian Switzerland. Photographic exhibition that will illustrate to students the persecuzioi the world through the faces and voices of the people who live on their person, but also of those who, with their daily work, they try to alleviate this condition.

Aid to the Church in Need is an international ministry that for over sixty years, supports the Christian minorities in the world, rebuilding churches that were destroyed, by building there where there are none, supporting local churches so that they can carry out, where it is needed most, their fundamental work in favor of all: adults and children, women and elderly people, Christians and non.

Click HERE to download the workshop information sheet.



The Association Culture Ticino Network kindly asks to fill a pre-registration form by September 2015, and in any case to meet the deadline of registration for the workshop, no later than 30 October 2015.

After receiving the membership, we will make contact with each teacher to decide by mutual agreement the path to take during the day.

We will also communicate any changes to the teachers in the program of the event.

Click HERE to download the pre-registration form to be sent compiled by post or e-mail to the following address:

Click HERE to download the program of the day.

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