2016: Workshop for Schools


Monday, November 14, 2016, starting from 08:45 am at Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano

From 08.45 am to 4:00 pm

The whole day will be dedicated to students of primary, middle and high schools of Ticino, with interesting workshops related to the theme of “Social Justice”. The proposed workshops will be structured with training modules and technical sheets, tailored according to the age of the children, and they will be managed by both experts and no-profit Associations and Foundations.

8.45 am: Schools hospitality

From 9.00 am to 9.30 am: Welcome greetings, musical entertainment with the band “Subwoofer” and intervention of various guests

There will be two rounds: in the morning between 09:45 am and 12:00 pm ca. and in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 3:45 pm ca.

From 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm there will be a lunch break, where we propose a maccheronata of solidarity.


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by postal service to the address: Associazione Culture Ticino Network – Via Cortivallo 3A, 6900 Lugano

or by e-mail to the following address:  segretariato@maffeisnetwork.ch


The 2016 edition of the World Forum for Peace is pleased to present the following workshops:

Workshop 1


The Association Culture Ticino Network proposes a workshop about the theme of “Social Justice”, that will be the basic topic of the whole World Forum for Peace.

In particular, using multimedia material like pictures, videos and testimonies, will be touched themes like the right to education and work, which are among the main topics of Social Justice, especially in the society of today that is characterized by important socio-economic inequalities and socio-cultural disparities.

Moreover, will be presented the mission of Culture Ticino Network Association and the various projects that the Association actively supports, in particular will be shown the news of the project in favor of Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage, that is currently the house of 48 children between 0 and 12 years, such as the new collaborations with associations and local institutions in the Philippines.

To download the form of the workshop 1 click HERE!


Workshop 2


Edited by Dr. Mariapaola Parma, the workshop is inspired by the art therapy and is dedicated to students of elementary, middle and high school. Depending on the age of the group, will be offered a short introduction about the concept of Justice, Social Justice, Rights and Duties, trying to promote debate and reflection. It is an occasion to know ourselves and to grow up as individuals, being in contact with our own emotions through the use of artistic materials: in fact will be proposed individual artistic activities and in particular, at the end of the day, the big Tree of Rights will be covered with leaves.

To download the form of the workshop 2 click HERE!


Workshop 3


The workshop, edited by Samya Fennich Andreoletti, President of the Association AOREP Africa & Medio Oriente, wants to present some of the most important projects of the Association explaining that the concept of Social Justice is not the same in all cultures or in all contests. In particular, will be debated the theme of Social Justice between people with handicap – trying to explain the reason for their social marginalization – the equality between men and women and the theme of equal opportunities in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. To conclude, it will be the turn of a description of children abandonment, making a reference to the project Foyer Mabrouka in Tanout, Niger, and the project  KOGLI BA in Gourcy, Burkina Faso, both in favor of children who were abandoned or who live on the street. These descriptions will be supported by images or by a video.

To download the form of the workshop 3 click HERE!


Workshop 4


The workshop, edited by Piergiorgio De Gasparo from the Association ATKYE, will present some significant images and some starting point with the aim of making the participants reflect about the theme of ethical, social, cultural and economic influences that bring to cover different roles in the society. The children will be aware of the value of their own contribute to achieve the collective wellness, an awareness that it is important to nurture and educate.

To download the form of the workshop 4 click HERE!


Workshop 5


Edited by the theologian Katharina Kindler of the Association ASSEFA.

Through the use of imagines and videos, this interactive workshop wants to make the true meaning of the Indian culture from the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi come out.

In the first part will be told the story of Pooriampakkam field and of its transformation from battlefield into an agricultural field. The second section will demonstrate how the Association has guaranteed the sustenance of the farmer community, giving the possibility of cultivate, while the third part of the workshop includes a demonstration of how ASSEFA has provided concrete contributions in India.

To download the form of the workshop 5 click HERE!


Workshop 6


The workshop, edited by the author Ketty Magni, will be based on the scholastic level of the participants: in fact, each session will include the reading of fairy tales, the interpretation of literary texts or a traditional frontal lecture. The main goal of this workshop consists in acquiring familiarity and awareness with literature, interpreted as a value and an instrument of Social Justice.

To download the form of the workshop 6 click HERE!


Workshop 7


The workshop supported by the artistic-cultural atelier Ergo Art Lab, managed by the artists Nikolaos Rachoutis and Fedra Rachouti, makes use of art to introduce the young participants the theme of Social Justice. Through some artistic activities, will be illustrated some important principles like the respect for ourselves and for the others, for Mother Nature and environment, the attention for people who need assistance, for migrants and for all people who are different from us. One of the most important objectives of Ergo Art Lab is helping the interchange between Ticino and the artistic, educative and humanitarian world, working hard to promote projects that put different people in contact and that make them know the culture of different Countries.

To download the form of the workshop 7 click HERE!


Workshop 8


The workshop introduces the participants to the activities of COMUNDO/Inter-Agire, based on the cooperation through the send of volunteers. The goal is making people aware of the responsibility of everybody in terms of Social Justice, both in Switzerland and directly on the territory as cooperating volunteers. The workshop will concern in particular the theme of access to subsistence means.

To download the form of the workshop 8 click HERE!


Workshop 9


The Foundation Pro Juventute, in collaboration with the Association Aprua, will manage this workshop with the objective of making reflect about the role that Justice has in the viewpoint of adolescents coming from Ticino, Switzerland or other areas of the world. The interesting questions will be many, in particular about the relationship of young people with the concept of rule and responsibility.

To download the form of the workshop 9 click HERE!


Workshop 10


The workshop edited by Chiara Guerzoni from Amnesty International Swiss Section wants to involve the participants in an emotional analysis through three different levels: heart, mind and hands. Through some role games, theoretical discussions and group reflections, will be take into consideration the theme of human intended as instrument of freedom, justice and peace. The goal is using the vast number of experience lived by young people, guaranteeing an effective development of the educational activities.

To download the form of the workshop 10 click HERE!