2017: Multipurpose center


This important project that aims to create a Multipurpose Center in the Philippines is born as a result of the moving journey of the President of Culture Ticino Association, Margherita Maffeis, held at the beginning of 2017. It was a journey full of emotions that allowed her to discover a reality of a world far from us. Moreover, the President took the first contact with the Chamber of Commerce of Bulacan, a district in the region of Luzon in the Philippines, with about 3 millions inhabitants. During the journey the President met many local authorities as the Deputy Mayor of Paombong and Maria Lota Gonzales Martin, foundress of Coppa Association (Children of Paombong Philippines Association), by which we enstablished a collaboration as partners in during the project.


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Update December 2017

From the 17th to the 23rd of November 2017 Maria Lota Gonzales, foundress of Children of Paombong Philippines Association, and Cristina Gonzales, Deputy Mayor of Paombong, have been visiting us in Switzerland in occasion of our 7th edition of World Forum for Peace. During their visit we had a meeting with the architect that will help us with our Multipurpose Center. Since December 2017 he has been doing site inspections for the land we will be using to build the Multipurpose Center. Furthermore, our President Margherita Maffeis, for the month of January 2018, will be in the Philippines to help developing the project.








Update January 2018

Also for this year our President’s journey took place during the first two weeks of January. During this period of time the President has been looking into the collaborations of Culture Ticino Network Association in the Philippines and has established new ones. Furthermore the President verified in person the land for the construction of the multipurpose center in Paombong.

The 5th of January, during a charity event, our President has been recognized by her humanitarian effort with an official award by COPPA Inc.

The 9th of January our President visited three schools in Paombong. The first one had over 500 schoolchildren, and our association, along with COPPA Inc., participated to the feeding program. We also donated school supplies to the children by our association. The second school had around 1’500 students, divided in 50 for each class in which they attended their classes in separate moments of the day; morning and afternoon. In this school COPPA Inc. manages scholarships for thirty students.  The third school was a governamental type and hadalso classes for special needs children.

Among our new collaborations, our President had the chance to meet in the Philippines Madame Cècile Guidote Alvarez, Director of UNESCO Dream Center. Alongside with our local partners and  AIESC Philippines we are planning to arrange a volounteer program for Swiss students in the Philippines.

Last but not least, at the end of the journey, the Executive Board of Culture Ticino Network Association have considered carefully the possibility of establishing a Corporate Inc. in the Philippines corresponding to ours. It was deemed the best solution in order to grant stability and continuity towards our initiatives in Paombong. Moreover the association would have a reference point on Philippines soil composed by local professionists and partners. We are actually getting in touch with the legal authorities in order to establish our local Corporate Inc. in the Philippines.

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School supplies donation in Paombong

Feeding Program in Paombong school













The new project of 2017 is the creation of a Multipurpose Center in the Philippines, in which provide with food, medical exams and cultural-artistic moment for needy children.

Reasons of the project:

  • Administrative functions;
  • Feeding programs;
  • Educational programs;
  • Maintenance programs;
  • Programs and projects for the culture for peace;
  • Sostenibility programs.