If we want  peace around the world, we need to find it first in ourselves


After 2 years of forced stop, due to the pandemic, the Association Culture Ticino Network in Lugano is very pleased to announce holding the significant 10th edition of the World Forum for Peace!

This important 10th edition will be held from 19 November 2022 to 15 December 2022 and will present the important and topical theme ‘Peace and the Environment’.

The days will be held in various locations in Ticino: the Hotel de la Paix in Lugano will host the round table where special guests will speak, followed by the solidarity gala dinner; Centro “Spazio Aperto” in Bellinzona will host the inauguration of the impressive solidarity art exhibition, and the Chiesa Sant’Antonio in Lugano will host a performance by local choirs and others.

The current situation marked by the health crisis, climate change and recent wars, must push us to join forces and not remain indifferent. This will be an extraordinary Forum aimed at helping us to raise awareness and to share together possible goals and solutions, in order to be ready to face these important changes.

Peace must start from small groups, that is, from ourselves, the family, and then be spread worldwide through important values such as dialogue and solidarity.

The funds raised during the World Forum for Peace days will be used to support the projects of the Culture Ticino Network Association: in particular to support the project  “Vocational training in the bakery/bakery sector and support for the start-up of independent businesses in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines”.

A heartfelt thank you goes to everyone: to the Association’s committee of honour, the volunteers, collaborators and guests.