The 2nd Peace World Forum

The 2nd Peace World Forum (Generations in the heart of Peace), was held from 5 to 7 October, 2012, at Palazzo dei Congressi, in Lugano.

Promoted by: Association Culture Ticino Network.
Organized by: MaffeisNetwork SA.

1.   Friday, October 5th, 2012

1.1   Morning and afternoon

The 2nd edition of the Peace World Forum was launched on Friday, October 5th, 2012, with a warm welcome to all the schoolchildren, who were then introduced to an interesting exhibition about water, created by ACRA Foundation, and to an educational path with many exhibitors.

Magherita Maffeis, Founding President of Culture Ticino Network, along with State Counsellor Manuele Bertoli, greeted all the World Forum attendees. Hereafter, the Damiano Tamagni Foundation was introduced by its president, Maurizio Tamagni. During the World Forum opening ceremony were also present Prof. Maria Rosina Girotti, from Assisi Pax International, and Dr. Anna Maria Costanzo, General Secretary and Executive Counsellor of Assisi Pax International.

Following, the Clown One Italia Association (Gesundheit Institute Patch Adams) introduced two touching films, in which they showed all the activities carried out by them in war-zones countries such as Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel. The official opening was accompanied by a musical performance from two young pianists from The Magnificat Institute of Jerusalem (Emmanuel Mnatzaganian and Khoulud Sabbara). The Circle of Peace then closed the opening ceremony.

1.2  Evening

The solidarity’s happy-hour, livened up by the wonderful performance of the Lugano’s 4Tunes Quartet, served as introduction for the “Friendship Dinner” in which well-known guests, such as Att. Giovanna Masoni Brenni welcomed all the attendees. During the dinner, Daniele Finzi Pasca and its Company, along with other peace testimonials, performed their shows.


2.   Saturday, October 6th, 2012

2.1  Morning

The second day opened with a heartfelt performance by the “Banda di Canobbio” music group, right in front of Palazzo dei Congressi’s main entrance. Following, the round table “The table of Peace”, dedicated to the issue of world nutrition, took place with speeches from Prof. Fabrizio Muratori, Prof. Giuseppe Rovera and Dr. Rolando Pancaldi.

After the round table came to conclusion, it was the time of lunch and wine tasting, and then the “Laboratory of taste”, by the Società Mastri Panettieri Pasticceri Confettieri, took place outside the building.

2.2  Afternoon

During the afternoon a new round table, entitled “The key for health and peace. Balance and well-being of the human person”, took place, with speeches from Prof. Edoardo Malagigi, Dr. Ivan Battista, PD Dr. Giovanni Pedrazzini, and journalist Antonio Franzi as moderator.

Thereafter, ACRA Foundation’s Giuseppe De Santis and CREART Barcelona’s Chené Gomez introduced their projects and their activities as non-governmental organizations, related to the achievement of the food’s rights targets of the millennium. Later, Maurizio Tamagni, President of the Damiano Tamagni Foundations, introduced the “prevention against racism and violence, and the integration through sports” Campaign.

2.3   Evening

The evening hosted two exciting folkloristic dance performance by the Serbian cultural association “Desanka Maksimovic” and by the Rancho Folclorico Regiões De Portugal group. Thereafter, the solidarity’s concert “Sounds from the World” took place, with performances by the Palestinian piano virtuoso Jiries Boullata, the renowned children’s choir Coro Calicantus, sketches from internationally known clown Gardi Hutter, and the performance by Daniele Finzi Pasca. Director Erik Bernasconi supervised the entire show.


3.   Sunday, October 7th, 2012

The last day of the Peace World Forum started with a “Peace Breakfast”, livened up with many folkloristic groups and the lively performance for the families by the Capoeira Art Cultural Association.

Later in the morning, State Counsellor Giovanni Pedrazzini, as moderator, managed the round table entitled “Non-violence in both real and virtual world, the winning challenge to build Peace”, with speeches from Maurizio Tamagni, Yves Toutounghi, and Giancarlo Piffero, addressing some particularly delicate issues. Following the lectures, the musical performance by Babylou & The Balkan Lovers took place, along with the distribution of colourful balloons by Clown One Italia, which gladdened the entire lunch with solidarity and cheerfulness.

During the course of the afternoon, the last round table, entitled “Water’s, climate’s, and economy’s safeties, to support peace and human beings”, took place, with speeches from Paolo Cecile, Pierluigi Zanchi, Eng. Michele Broggini, Patrizia Canova, Giuseppe Biella, and Diego Erba as moderator. The lectures were later followed by greetings by Culture Ticino Network’s representatives, which thanked all the participants for their attendance, and invited them for the 3rd World Forum edition, that will take place in 2013.

4.   Awards after the World Forum

On November 14th, 2012, at Culture Ticino Network’s offices, J. Gabriel Guzman (a musician to whom scholarship Culture Ticino Network contributed to) drew the names of the prizewinners, related to the “Water: a valuable good for humanity” contest, among all the schoolchildren who were at the 2nd World Forum.

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