1.       The 3rd Peace World Forum

The 3rd Peace World Forum, held from 19 to 20 October, 2013, at Palazzo dei Congressi, in Lugano, and promoted by Culture Ticino Network, ended with a great success.

The Peace World Forum, whose main theme can be aptly expressed through the slogan “With solidarity, peace is possible”, was sponsored and assisted by Città di Lugano, SwissLos, Ecologia Ticino, Bucherer, Smart Academy, Securitas, and La Riseria. Thanks to all of them, it was possible for us to realize our project about “Food and Poverty”.

During these three days, Palazzo dei Congressi turned into an ideal “peace village”, full of educational stands overseen by numerous associations, who played an important role in the World Forum success. Especially appreciated by all visitors and students was the rice packs’ installation set up at the center of the hall, to symbolize our will to spread “the value of solidarity toward destitute people in Ticino and Africa”.

1.1 Saturday, October 19th, 2013

The opening ceremony took place at around 14.30, with many well-known guests such as Paolo Beltraminelli (State’s Counsellor), Angelo Jelmini (Town’s Counsellor) and Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily (spokeperson of Senegal’s Ambassador at United Nations’ Headquarter in Geneva) that, along with Mrs. Margherita Maffeis (Founding President of Culture Ticino Network) greeted all the participants.

Following, the first round table, entitled “Let’s build peace together”, started with speeches from Don Mazzi (founder of Exodus), Lucia De Sigis (from the Board of Development and Cooperation of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), Cècile Mukarubuga (spokesperson for Peace Women Across the Globe), and Adriano Fabris (Philosophy’s Professor).

After the round table it was finally time for the “Friendship’s Dinner”, a beautiful convivial moment in which all fellow guests had the possibility to taste peculiar medieval recipes, created by Mastro Martino, and commented by renowed culinary reviewer Marta Lenzi and Davide Comoli, sommelier and President of ASSP’s professional formation. The diner was livened up by musicians from the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, and by Beatrix Becker, internationally-known pianist, accompanied by cellist Christian Krebs.

1.2 Sunday, October 20th, 2013

The Peace World Forum opened its gates at 10 a.m. by introducing the Portuguese folkloristic band and the charity auction, organized by SOS Ticino. Despite the bad weather, the “Ride for Peace”, promoted by Provelo Club Ticino and EcoVelClub, took place at 11 a.m. with good participation.

At the same time, the second round table, entitled “From talking to doing: actions for Peace”, took place with speeches from Adriano Fabris, Cècile Mukarubuga, Maristella Polli (RSI journalist and tv producer), and Franco Zambelloni (researcher and Philosophy’s Professor).

Hereafter, the solidarity’s brunch took place, livened up by the Portuguese folkloristic band and by author Chiara Macconi, who offered to all the guests a few “tasty literary samples”.

The Flash Mob designed by choreographer Susy Boogie, which introduced the “Give away a smile” concert/show, along with some other activities, had to take place inside due to bad weather.

The concert/show featured many well-known guests, such as comedian Flavio Oreglio, Hip Hop group Karma Krew, and singer-songwriter Simone Tomassini; the show was hosted by the beautiful Julie Arlin, RSI’s presenter.

1.3 Monday, October 21th, 2013

The day dedicated to schools hit it big, with around 400 students who took part in numerous workshops, designed around the themes of food rights, water and peace.

All the classes involved were utterly satisfied, thanks to the high-level workshops designed in collaboration with Museo delle Culture of Lugano, Locarno’s Teatro Paravento, and Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan. All the exhibitors also made a large contribution by addressing all students about their respective associations’ activities, and the reason behind their presence at the Peace World Forum. The day ended with all the students busy helping Fra’ Martino Dotta with the dismantling of the rice packs’ installation, and the Pro Senegal Association with the rice pack’s collection.

2.  The rice delivery

All of the 1’500 rice packs were delivered to Associazione Tavolino Magico and Pro Senegal Association, who were in charge of the final delivery. Shown below you can see the thanksgiving letter that Pro Senegal Association sent to us.

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