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5th World Forum for Peace “Women in the World”

The 5th Peace World Forum “Women in the World” resulted in a great success. It was promoted by the Culture Network Ticino in Lugano and held at the University of Italian Switzerland, the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland and the Palace Congress, 14th to 16th November 2015.

The underlying theme of the 5th Peace World Forum  was the intention of bringing the culture of peace and solidarity of all generations through times of debate and activities, particularly focusing on the “women” figure and their role in bringing peace. Indeed, women majorly contribute to peace through many daily solidarity actions. Peace must begin with ourselves, by the family and in small groups to be able to be spread in the World by fundamental values such as dialogue and solidarity and women have a vital role in this.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The opening day of the 5th World Forum for Peace was held at the University of Italian Switzerland, in the presence of distinguished guests including: marco borradori, mayor of Lugano, Marilena Fontaine, Head of Office of Equal Opportunities, Eleonora Rossi, represented the Consulate General of Italy, and many others who have made the day even more meaningful. They also participated with their singing performance, the choir Incontrotempo – gospel and spiritual and Manu D of Karma Krew, and Diego Mariani, a painter, who painted a little work on time.

Central part of the afternoon was the panel discussion entitled “The Status of Women in the World: where are we?”, In which took part as speakers: Samantha Caccamo, CEO Social Business Earth, Miriam Camerini, actress and theater director, and Lidia Maggi, a Baptist pastor and theologian. The role of moderator has been entrusted to Cinzia Rigamonti, journalist RSI.

Following the President Margherita Maffeis awarded the prize Spyri, recognition of the Association Culture Ticino Network, Esther Stella, Chairman of ATKYE and founder of Women for Peace Club Ticino, for his important contribution to world peace.

inaugurazione WF 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The second day of the 5th World Forum for Peace was dedicated to dance and sing with the beautiful show “Dancing and singing to the Women in the World”, an artistic celebration of the figure of the woman with beautiful performances of Latin American dances, flamenco and choral singing. Stars of the show were: the dance school “Ritmo y Passion Latina”, the association of flamenco “Manos como Palomas” and the children’s choir “Arcobaleno a Pois”.

Spettacolo Ballando e Cantando alle Donne nel Mondo

Monday, November 16, 2015

The final day on Monday was a great success, with over 500 students and teachers: now is the Association for Culture Ticino Network customary to dedicate the final day of the World Forum for Peace to schools and, for the occasion, they were set up 10 workshops, the social-cultural significance recognized by DECS in Bellinzona, including art workshops, theater, information, and many others, in collaboration with major foundations, organizations and distinguished visitors, such as ASSEFA, ATKYE, the Theatre of the Argonauts John Paul Bortone, the Foundation Kodra, Dr. Mariapaola Parma and many others.

Giornata Scuole WF2015


Gala Dinner “The Taste of Solidarity through the five continents”

To enrich the atmosphere of solidarity of the 5th World Forum for Peace was the Gala Dinner on Saturday which saw many distinguished guests including: Maria Theresa Lazaro, minister and consul of the Philippines, Cristina Zanini Barzaghi, Lugano Town, Ketty Magni, writer and Rosita Orlando, sponsor and host of the evening.

Cena di Gala WF2015


Projects Solidarity: “Petals of Peace” and “The Bethany House Project” 2015-2016

The fundraiser this year was given to two ambitious projects of the Culture Network Ticino. The first, “Petals of Peace” provides a program of activities and workshops that can be included in school curricula and / or after-school program for students of Ticino. The second, “The Bethany House Project” provides funding for the purchase of basic necessities for the children of the orphanage Bethany House Sto. Nino in the Philippines. These projects will also continue for the year 2016.

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Ticino Network Culture Association thanks all those who participated in the 5th World Peace Forum, and those who have contributed to the organization and all the volunteers.




Click on the image to download the financial
and income statement of the year 2015