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The World Forum for Peace took place in Lugano from November 13th to December 7th 2017 ,  it was organized by Culture Ticino Network Association that, for the 7th consecutive year, spreads the message of peace and solidarity addressed to all people across Ticino. This World Peace Forum achieved great success, there were 6 days of culture, entertainment and music; always surrounded by renowned guests and several partecipants!

This year’s leading theme was “Peace Communication”under all its aspects. During those events we also celebrated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Philippines and Switzerland with distinguished Filipino and local guests. This year we wanted to share a message, that Peace is more than the abscence of war, it must begin within small communities, starting from ourselves, and then diffused across the world through essential values as dialogue and solidarity.

On Monday 13th the 7th World Peace Forum was launched at Palazzo dei Congressi, it started with the “Village of Peace” event, with different areas and workshops and was aimed to students from elementary to middle school. Exactly at 8:45AM schoolchildren gathered at the Peace Village, suddendly Palazzo dei Congressi was swarmed by more than 400 students. By 9:00 AM the event starts and during the celebration Roberto Badaracco, city’s representative, and Margherita Maffeis, President of Culture Ticino Network Association, gave an important speech about peace and solidarity. After the speech there was a musical performance from Massagno’s schoolchildren and their teacher Beppe Sanzari.







The workshops took place in two different times of the day, the first part from 09:45AM to 12:00AM and the second from 1:30PM to 4:00PM. From 12:00AM to 1:30PM, during the lunch break  everyone enjoyed the “Maccheronata of Solidarity”. The workshops were held by: Culture Ticino Network, the Art- therapist Federica Dubbini, Stopdesert Association, Arbor Foundation, Ridere per Vivere Association, Body of Border Patrol, ASSEFA Association, ATFA Association, Amnesty International Switzerland, Chaba Association, Coopi Suisse Association.

The whole event had media coverage. Here you will find the link to Rete Uno broadcast, and here

the TV reportage from RSI about the Peace Village.

On Saturnday 18th November, at Villa Sassa Hotel Residence of Lugano, starting from 5PM, began our special evening focused on Peace and Philippines. On this occurrence we also celebrated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Philippines.







Our host for the evening was journalist Antonio Franzi, that introduced our violinist Giulio Vella, Margherita Maffeis, President of Culture Ticino Network Association and many other local and international guests as: the Ambassador of the Philippines in Bern Joselito Alegado Jimeno, the Consul M.T. Lazaro, the Mayor of Lugano Marco Borradori, the Colonel Mauro Antonini and the National Council Marco Romano.







We heard many positive thoughts during the speeches: Marco Antonini stated that “peace should be a common good, a benefit for mankind and an inalienable right which everyone deserve regardless of their ethnicity, culture or religious belief.” The Ambassador of Philippines stated that Philippines hopes Switzerland would support them with their transition into a federal structure, so  their cooperation could last and prosper for 60 more years and beyond.

The National Council Marco Romano spoke about our 7th edition of the World Peace Forum, expressing the fact that our association has been promoting peace in Switzerland and Philippines since 2011 and it is still growing. He also confirmed that our events like World Peace Forum have become well-known in Ticino. He stated how lucky we are for living in Switzerland, a country that incarnates the virtues of neutrality. He then concluded that: despite the attempts in spreading a message of peace around the world we still have a lot of work to do, many countries should know the values of cooperation, solidarity and mutual respect; only by that we can achieve a global peace.

The Mayor of Lugano Marco Borradori gave a speech about the growth of Culture Ticino Network Association; how our events culturally enrich Ticino. He was honoured to be one of our guest speakers, pointing out that he attended many previous activities organized by Culture Ticino Network Organization. He appreciated our humantarian projects and how our activities were always aimed to all the generations. He hopes we can carry on with our mission in Switzerland and Philippines and never give up.

During her speech, President Margherita Maffeis was joined by two important guests: the Vice Mayor of Paombong Cristina Gonzales and Maria Lota Gonzales, President and Founder of Children of Paombong Association, who received the Spyri Award from Culture Ticino Network Association. A recognition from our Association to people who have distinguished themselves in the field of Peace and Solidarity.







The famous mezzo soprano Julia Gertseva with the children choir “La Musica” signed finished the first part of the evening with their entertaining musical repertoire about peace. At 7:00PM the event continued with the inauguration of a collective art exhibition, in which there were three Filipino artists: Marissa Gonzalez, Pamela Gotangco and Tina B. Heiter.
At 8:00PM all guests partecipated to the special gala dinner “I Sapori del Cuore” which gave to all its partecipants memorable moments. Maristella Polli, a well-known local character, was the host for the gala dinner and introduced the Filipino soprano Armela Fortuna-Widmer, the tenor Mirko Provini, the musician Beppe Sanzari and the band Acoustic Dreams. And all together entertained our guests.

On Sunday 19th November a large audience showed up at 3:30PM at Cinema Lux of Massagno, wherein our beautiful solidarity show “Regala un Sorriso” took place , it represented the communication of Peace through discipline as: dance, music and vocal exhibitions. Maristella Polli was the host of this beautiful solidarity event, and other artists joined us.

The amazing attitude of the singer Francesca Parrotta captured the audience, from children to adults, as they started dancing. The cabaret performers Duo Full House entertained everyone during their show. Last but not least, the famous mezzo soprano Julia Gertseva and the children choir “La Musica” gave goosebumps to all the audience with their voice. A lovely atmosphere surrounded all partecipants during this solidarity event, creating an wonderful show.







On Tuesday 21st November, from 7:00PM at Franklin University took place a public conference in collaboration with the Embassy of the Philippines in Bern. The lecture about Philippines history was given by Dr. Jose Ricardo, Director of Third World Studies, from Diliman University (Philippines). The title was: “Bridging East and West: The Philippines in Asia and the world. Commemorating 60 years of Philippines-Swiss diplomatic relations.”

Professor Laura Oreggioni from Franklin University opened the conference, followed by the Consul M.T. Lazaro and the President of Culture Ticino Network Association Margherita Maffeis. During his lecture Dr. Jose Ricardo showed us in a very insightful way the history of Philippines from prehistory to the present days. Further attentions were put in the socio-geographical concepts and diplomatic relations between Philippines and Switzerland, which celebrated their 60th year of diplomatic relations.

The evening was completed with an extraordinary Filipino aperitif where students and the audience enjoyed traditional Asian food.







On Sunday 26th November we celebrated Peace with the spectacular concert: “Cantando e Ballando per la Pace” that entertained our guests. The evening started with an incredible presentation about Culture Ticino Network Association, given by the President Margherita Maffeis who was on stage with the host Maristella Polli. The concert was opened by the songwriter Loris Alleman and the singer Animor, then continued with classical and modern dance performed by students of Ashkenazy Ballet Center. In the end we had flamenco dance with Manos Como Palomas Association and “Dance of Peace” performed by Samah Gayed.

During the concert we also assisted to a great performace from the cello player Jonathan Guzman, a musician that Culture Ticino Network Association supported in 2012 with a scholarship at Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana.







On Thursday 7th December, took place in S.Antonio Church Lugano the charity concert “Voci Solidali per la Pace”. President of Culture Ticino Network Association Margherita Maffeis welcomed our guests and gave a speech about the activities of the Association and the values of peace and communication of peace, then introducing them to the concert. The show started at 8:00PM, Kolping Singers Lugano began their performance with choirs in many languages. Following them our marvelous harp player Elisa Netzer played alongside the choirs. The show reached its brightness with the virtuous Julia Gertseva and her choir of youngs “La Musica”.

During the evening our guests were entertained by valuable artists, wonderful gospel singers and a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in the name of Peace and Solidarity.


Culture Ticino Network Association is grateful to every partecipant of The 7th World Forum For Peace!

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