8° World Forum for Peace

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of the World Forum 2019


The 8° World Forum for Peace took place in Lugano from November 12th to December 13th 2018. It was organized for the 8th consecutive year and reaffirmed as a great success.

The year of 2018 was characterized by the topic “Peace, protection of the individual and the environment”. Through workshops, entertainment and performances (presentations) we have created situations of exchange and dialogue about different points of view on the culture of peace and solidarity. Always this year, the celebration of the Forum has resulted successful. It brought awareness to adults and children on numerous topics regaurding society and protection of the environment.






On the 12th of November 2018, from 09:00 to 16:00, the first event took place in Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano, which became an actual “Village of peace for one day. In this special occasion, the 8th edition of the World Forum was inaugurated, with the presence of the On. Angelo Jelmini, municipal of the city of Lugano, and Mrs. Maffeis, president and founder of the Culture Ticino Network association.

This year the Forum has received a prestigious patronage by the Swiss ITI (International Theatre Institute). On behalf of the Institute, the company ‘’Pouça’’ participated to the event presenting an amusing performance.

More than 420 students and teachers of primary schools, middle schools, professional schools and high schools from Ticino and Varese participated at the event. They took part in interesting workshops held by associations, professionals in this sector and exponents of associations, who have provided information about their practical experience in the humanitarian sector, through laboratories which involved them actively.






Many associations collaborated with us for the realization of this day: StopdesertFondazione Arbor; Amnesty International Sezione Svizzera; COOPI Suisse; Ponti di Speranza; WWF Svizzera; Clown Senza Frontiere Svizzera; Associazione Malattie Genetiche Rare; Forza Rescue Dog, but also Ms. Suzanne Palermo, illustrator and author for children. We would like to thank all of those people for the support.

After a great morning, the participants have been able to have lunch with the members of the Culture Ticino Network association, who organized the “macaroni of solidarity”.

The pupils had the opportunity to sit all together and recharge before the second part of the workshops. The event ended around 16:00, when the participants left the Palazzo dei Congressi tired, but mightily enriched by the teachings of each present association.






Saturday 17th November 2018, at 17:00, in the sweeping background of the Suitenhotel Parco Paradiso, the event “Special evening dedicated to peace and the Philippines” took place. We had the pleasure to assist to various speeches of renowned national and international guests, such as the Philippine’s ambassador Denis Yap Lepatan, the municipal major Cristina Zanini Barzaghi, the national Councilor Marco Romano, the new delegate for equal opportunities Rachele Santoro and the state Councilor Paolo Beltraminelli.

In occasion of the event, the inaugural ceremony of the new consulate A.H of the Philippines in Ticino took place, after the nomination as consul A.H of Mrs. Maffeis, president and founder of the Culture Ticino Network association, a charge which graces the commitment of the association for the country.






To follow, the guests got to enjoy an aperitif, where local and Philippine dishes were served. There was also the possibility to participate to a wine tasting of the Winery Ghidossi and learn more about an excellent product, such as wine, of our canton.






In the second part of the evening a delicious Gala dinner took place, prepared by the Chef de cuisine Christian Casati and his outstanding staff, which offered a menu of excellence.






The entire event was animated by exhibitions of great artists, which created an even more emotional and unique atmosphere. Therefore, we would like to thank Ms. Francesca Parrotta, the mezzo-soprano Julia Gertseva and her children choir “La Musica, who continued to enchant and entertain the audience also during the second part of the event.

In order to make this night even more remarkable, also the two known conductors of Ticino, Antonio Franzi e Maristella Polli, contributed with their presenting.






Sunday 18th November 2018, at 16:00, numerous spectators assisted to the fantastic solidarity show between music and theatre “Identity in travelling” at the Sala Aragonite in Manno. A further performance with the theme of peace was made by the company Teatro Danzabile and the Filarmonica Mosaico, composed by 40 musicians of all ages from Ticino, directed by the master Luca Medici. The theme of this event was about migration in the World and within the Canton of Ticino, a place where people leave to find jobs elsewhere, making the Gotthard Tunnel the gateway towards new opportunities.

The performance was presented by the famous Maristella Polli, which has been followed by an aperitif during which it was possible to admire the terracotta and quartz sand’s installation “Sognatori” made my Elena Milani. These crafts represent a seabed, which is a dramatic symbol that stands for the current situations of migration of the nations.






After the entertaining theatrical exhibition, the awarding of the Spyri trophy took place, a recognition of the Culture Ticino Network association dedicated to those who distinguished themselves for their commitment in the field of peace and solidarity. This year the Spyri trophy was given to the president of the association AMCA, Dr. Franco Cavalli, who was considered worthy of the trophy, given that he is active since several years with medical help in Central America. Furthermore, the association AMCA exists since 30 years and thanks to the solidarity of the people in Ticino it has brought to the realization of a big sanitarian project with the creation of new hospital department and direct intervention supporting the more vulnerable members of the population.

Sunday 25th of November, at 15:30, has taken place another magnificent event at the “Sala Multiuso” in Paradiso. “Peace and solidarity without border” saw theatrical and musical exhibitions performed for numerous participants, creating an exciting atmosphere.

Different artists and groups, as the Ashkenazy Ballet Center of Caslano, the Julia Gertseva’s children’s choir “La Musica” and the “Imàgo” DUO with the singer Melanie Häner and the percussionist and piano player Carlo Maria Nartoni. Moreover, we have enjoyed the exhibition of the Swiss actor, director, speaker and comedian Flavio Sala, better known as Roberto Bussenghi, the mentalist Daniel Er and the young singer Francesca Parrotta. The experienced and well-known ex journalist Maristella Polli has conducted the entire evening.






The last event organized by the Culture Ticino Network Association, that occurred Thursday the 13th of December at the Sant’Antonio Abate church in Lugano, has been the Christmas concert dedicated to solidarity.

The event has been opened by the president Margherita Maffeis, with a deep and welcoming speech, which touched the topics of peace’s value and love and where the beneficial power of the events organized by the association has been explained. The show has begun at 20:00 and started with the exhibition of the famous mezzo-sopranos Julia Gertseva children’s choir “La Musica” followed by the “Kolping Singers” choir from Lugano. The evening has been a great success with a big flow of participants and at the end a small fundraiser by our association has been gathered.

All the fund collected during the 8th Peace World Forum will be developed into our projects in Ticino and in the Philippines. In January, our president will travel to the Philippines in order to fulfill humanitarian projects and to continue the multifunctional-center project together with our local partner COPPA (Children of Paombong Philippines Association). A detailed newsletter will follow the travel, where all the progress and details will be explained.