Culture Ticino Network Association invites you to the 8th Peace World Forum. This solidarity event is aimed to promote peace between people and to support our projects in Ticino and in the Philippines.

This year this event received  the special patronage by Swiss ITI (International Theatre Institute).


Monday November 12th 2018, from 8.45 AM to 4 PM – “Village of Peace” at Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano


Inauguration of the 8th World Peace Forum on the occasion of the “Village of Peace”, with many well-known guests. The whole day will be dedicated to primary, middle, high and professional schools’ students of Ticino, with interesting workshops related to the theme of “Peace and Protection”.

There will be 11 workshops, that will be managed by both experts and no-profit Associations and Foundations. We would like to thank: Stopdesert Association; Arbor Fondation; Amnesty International; COOPI Suisse Association; Ponti di Speranza Association; WWF; Clowns without borders; Malattie Genetiche Rare Association; Forza Rescue Dog and Miss Suzanne Palermo, illustrator and author.  All workshops will be related to the theme of the World Peace Forum: the environment and every human being’s protection, the value of peace, communication, tolerance and solidarity. There will be two workshops turns, in the morning and in the afternoon.

8.45 am: Schools reception.

From 9.00 am to 9.30 am: Official inauguration of the 8th World Peace Forum, welcome speech by Misses Margherita Maffeis, President and Founder of Culture Ticino Network, it will follow speeches of various guests and entertainment by the company “PourÇa”.


From 09:45 am to 12:00 pm: first workshops turn

From 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm: there will be a lunch break, during we propose a maccheronata (pasta) of solidarity.

From 1:30 pm to 4.00 pm ca: second workshops turn





Saturday November 17th 2018, from 5 PM at Hotel Parco Paradiso of Lugano: Special charity evening dedicated to peace and the Philippines!

In the magnificent framework of Hotel Parco Paradiso of Lugano there will be a wonderful charity evening in which many national and international well-known guests will join it, like the Ambassador of the Philippines Denis Yap Lepatan. Many artistic exhibitions will liven up this special evening. In the first part the Award Spyri will be bestowed: it consists in a recognition by Culture Ticino Network Association for whom stands out for peace and solidarity engagement.



It will follow an aperitif and the Charity Gala Dinner. The evening will be presented by Maristella Polli, ex former journalist of RSI.

The whole program will be online as soon as possible.

The price of the charity evening is CHF 120.- per person

For enrolment please send an e-mail to: or call us tel. 091.922.95.18



Sunday November 18th 2018, from 4 PM at Sala Aragonite of Manno: don’t miss this wonderful solidarity show “IDENTITIES ON THE ROAD”!


The show is the result of a collaboration between “Teatro Danzabile”, a theatre company, and the philharmonic “il Mosaico”, directed by Luca Medici. The main topic of the show is the migration around the world, overall in our Canton, where many people leave their homeland in order to look for a job abroad, and the connection with their cultural background as a memory of the past.

The theatre’s charm mixed with music accomplishments will increase the beauty of the show.

Further information and pre-sale: Culture Ticino Network, e-mail, Tel. +41 (0)91 922 95 18 (from 10 am to 6pm).


Sunday November 25th 2018, from 3.30 PM at Sala Multiuso of Paradiso: solidarity show “PEACE AND SOLIDARITY WITHOUT BORDERS

We are glad to suggest another wonderful show of World Peace Forum. It will take place in Sala Multiuso of Paradiso. There will be the enchanting performance of the Ashkenazy Ballet Center of Caslano, the one of Melanie Häner and Carlo Maria Nartoni, with their progect Imàgo DUO, the show of the swiss actor, director, radio host and  comedian Flavio Sala, the one of the illusionist Daniele Er and the moving voice of Francesca Parrotta.



The whole program will be as soon as possible online.


Thursday December 13th 2018, from 8.00 PM at Chiesa Sant’Antonio Abate of Lugano:  Solidarity Concert


The eighth edition of World Peace Forum will close with a solidarity concert. There will be the choir Kolping Singers of Lugano, the choir Val Genzana of Massagno and the children choir “La Musica” of the famous mezzo soprano Julia Gertseva.

The whole program will be as soon as possible online.