Spyri prize

The Spyri Prize is a recognition from Culture Ticino Network Association introduced in 2013 and which is handed, during the World Forum for Peace, to people who have distinguished themselves in the field of peace and solidarity.

This symbolic prize comes from the famous “Heidi” novel, written by the authoress Johanna Spyri. The little girl can be see as an example of help to others, remembering the support to her disabled friend and to his grandfather about mountain work. A big heart full of peace and solidarity, which pushed the Culture Ticino Network Association to have inspiration from this little girl, which represents the values of the Association itself, naming the award to the writer.

premio spyri

People awarded:

9th World Forum for Peace (2019):
Ms. Susan Ople – president of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute in Manila, Philippines.


8th World Forum for Peace (2017):
Prof. Franco Cavalli – president and founder of an Association that ensures medical aids to the population of Central America (AMCA).

7th World Forum for Peace (2017):
Ms. Maria Lota Gonzales Martin – president and founder of “Children Paombong Philippines Association” (COPPA)

6th World Forum for Peace (2016):
Dott. Piera Levi Montalcini – President of Levi-Montalcini Association

5th World Forum for Peace (2015):
Miss Esther Stella – President of ATKYE Committee and founder of the “Club Donne per la Pace”


3rd World Forum for Peace (2013):
Fra’ Martino Dotta – ex representative of the Association “Tavolino Magico”


Mr. Lahat Abdou Mbaye – Coordinator of Association “Pro Senegal”