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“Peace cannot be held in the humankind unless it could reach every single heart of all men.”

 (Karol Wojtyla) 

Established in 2011, Culture Ticino Network is a no-profit, apolitical and non-religious association located in Lugano (Switzerland). It promotes culture of peace, the protection of the human physical and mental integrity and the protection of the environment by organizing many national and international events. Culture Ticino Network aims to create a network of associations, foundations, schools, universities, public and private institutions, companies and the whole population in the Ticino, in Switzerland and other countries all over the world. Hoping to improve our home Ticino, we constantly strive to offer temporary jobs to graduates.


Generations in the heart of peace” is not only a slogan but a real lifestyle and a mindset. “Heart” is the entity which includes all our ideals to foster a better future full of new challenges.


Culture of peace needs above all to be experienced into small groups – in families, schools, among friends – then to be spread on a larger scale, reaching the rest of the world. In accordance with the Association’s commitments, our mission is to spread our message to the hearts of all the generations. The Association is committed to create a new future focused on culture and peace, appreciated by all nationalities, religious groups and social classes, not only in Ticino but also in the entire world.


Every year Culture Ticino Network Association develops its charity projects in order to help needy people both from Ticino and rest of the world. Thanks to your help, during these years we have been supporting many charity events.

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For this year we brought back from Philippines many news concerning our activities in the Philippines and in Ticino.

In 2015 and 2016 the Association allocated funds to the following projects:

Petals of Peace“: an afterschool  program, dedicated to communicate the values ​​of the culture of peace and solidarity to children. In particular it includes a series of activities and workshops, which occupy the young primary school girls and boys for part of the afternoon. The project takes place in Ticino, in classrooms or municipality areas.

Bethany House Sto.Niño in the Philippines: the orphanage, run by sister Analyn Dela Cruz and headed by Diocese of Malolos; currently gives shelter to 48 children between the ages of 0 – 12. The orphanage depends exclusively on donations and sponsors.

Here are the projects carried out through 2014:

Minibus of Solidarity: is a project offered to the “GenerazionePiù”, in order to supply a taxi service for disabled and low income people. The minibus, which has 5 seats plus 1 seat suitable for a wheelchair, was put into service in spring 2015. It provides the opportunity to those people who are deprived of means of public or private transport to the center of “GenerazioniPiù”, hospitals, therapy and special care centers, public institutions and other places of interest.

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“Peace in Karamoja”: this project undertakes to develop a village in Uganda called Loleya, where different ethnic groups live together. Back to 2009, Father Piero Ciaponi decided to help those people staying together in a village. The project also provides medical support and school facilities.

We are happy to inform that the success of the project is also due to our supporters, who donated teaching material for school students.

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Project carried out through 2013:

The main idea of the 3rd Peace World Forum was notion of getting all the generations closer to the culture of peace and charity through special events, focusing on a specific project called “Food and poverty”:

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Ottobre 2013 in CHI SIAMO

During the 3rd World Forum, in collaboration with Edoardo Malagigi, Professor at Accademia delle belle Arti in Florence, an artistic installation has been set up using 1.500 packs of rice. On Monday 21st October those packs of rice were given to the associations “Il Tavolino Magico” and “Pro Senegal


Project carried out through 2012:


On Thursday 20th December 2012, in Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana, Culture Ticino Network Association donated a grant for a scholarship to Jonathan Gabriel Guzman Farias, a young and promising musician who has been spending his childhood in an orphanage in Caracas. The Association could collect the donation amount during the 2nd World Forum titled “Generations in the heart of the peace – from Ticino for all the World” that took place in October 2012. Jonathan discovered his passion when he was a child and he was extremely determined to follow his dream; becoming a great classical musician and a teacher of symphonic music for children. In order to make his dreams come true, Jonathan will now have the opportunity to go on with his studies and to attend masters and post-graduate courses.

Good luck Jonathan, may all your wishes come true!

Dicembre 2012 in testo CHI SIAMO

Photo: Margherita Maffeis, President of Culture Ticino Network Association, Jonathan Gabriel Guzman Farias, and Christophe Brenner, Chairman of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana