Culture Ticino Network Association, based in Lugano, has been recognized as a public utility association and has obtained, on May 8, 2013, tax exemption from Bellinzona’s Finance & Economics Department, in accordance with art. 65/f of the Taxation Law (LT) of June 21, 1994.

In 2018, the Association has obtained the renewal of the Certificato di pubblica utilità (Public Interest Certificate), valid until 2024.

Culture Ticino Network’s statute

1. Designation and headquarter 


The name of this public utility and non-profit association shall be “Culture Ticino Network” (from now on called Culture-Ti.Net). Culture-Ti.Net is an association in accordance with art. 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. 


The association’s headquarter is located in Lugano, at MaffeisNetwork SA, a marketing and communication agency. 

2. Objective

Culture-Ti.Net’s objective is to promote culture of Peace, people’s health and environmental health, in Ticino, in Switzerland and, in general, around the World, thanks to many different initiatives.

Furthermore, Culture-Ti.Net also aims to create an interactive network of professionals, companies, organizations, foundations, universities, public and private institutions, and individuals interested in solidarity.

Culture-Ti.Net spreads important messages to its target people, independently from their age. Culture-Ti.Net offers many job opportunities and integrates all its partners into its international network. Culture-Ti.Net shares all its experience and knowledge to its network partners

3. Members 

3.1 Eligibility

Any natural or legal person sharing Culture-Ti.Net’s objectives is eligible for membership in the association and becomes a member upon payment of association fees. 

3.2 Members classification and related association fees

  • Association fee for retiree (AVS) and students: CHF 30.-
  • Regular association fee: CHF 50.- 
  • Association fee for supporting members: CHF 100.- 
  • Association fee for legal entities: from a minimum of CHF 250.– 

3.3 Entrance 

Membership can be applied either in written form or by e-mail at Culture-Ti.Net’s Executive Board, that will exclusively decide about membership applicants. In case of rejected applications, the executive committee will reimburse the association fees within a month after the payment. 

3.4 Resignation 

Resignations must be submitted at least 3 months before the end of the year, either in written form or by e-mail. 

3.5 Exclusion 

Possible exclusions are supervised by the Executive Board only. The board is not constrained to disclose the reasons for the exclusion. 

4. Organization 

4.1 Control bodies 

“Culture-Ti.Net” has the following bodies of control: 

  • General Assembly
  • Executive Board 
  • Statutory Auditors 

4.2 The General Assembly 

  • It gathers at least once a year 
  • It is summoned by the Executive Board
  • All members shall be summoned at least 14 days in advance either in written form or via e-mail and informed about the order of business
  • All members shall present, at least two weeks before the General Assembly, any request related to issues that are not included in the order of business
  • All of the present members have the right to vote 
  • The General Assembly is free to decide about which issues should be included in the order of business, independently from the number of members partecipating at the assembly. Decisions are taken by the majority. In case of a tie vote, the President’s vote is decisive. Regarding the decisions on those issues that are not included in order of business, the General Assembly requires at least half of the members of the association plus one to be present in order to make a determination.

The General Assembly is in charge of: 

  • Designation of the President of the day
  • Acceptance of the previous General Assembly’s minutes
  • Approval of the order of business 
  • Acceptance of the Executive Board’s annual report 
  • Modification of the articles of association, following Executive Board’s advice
  • Processing of all the Assembly’s requests
  • Attribution of the honorary titles
  • Election of members of the Executive Boards and the Statutory Advisers. 

The General Assembly can be summoned for a extraordinary general meeting if this is requested by at least a fifth of all the members of the association or by the Executive Board. 

4.3 The Executive Board

The Executive Board includes between two and five members, one of whom is the president of the Executive Board. The president is appointed by the Executive Board.

The Executive Board is summoned by its members. Every member of the Executive Board is entitled to summon the board.  It is the executive body of Culture-Ti.Net and acts as the association’s representative toward third parties. Members of the Executive Boards do not collect any monetary reward, with the exception of a refund related to out-of-pockets expenses. 

The Executive Board is in charge of: 

  • Decision-making related to the projects
  • Choosing and promoting the association’s initiatives and activities
  • Coordinating, developing and managing all the initiatives, events and activities 
  • Summoning the General Assembly
  • Formulating official requests to other institutions
  • Referring to the statutory audit
  • Fundraising
  • Managing administrative and financial tasks
  • Admissions and exclusions of the association’s members. 

4.4 The Revision Office 

The Statutory Audit includes an auditor who is appointed by the General Assembly for only one year. The auditor is re-eligible.

During its mandate, the auditor is entitled to access to the association’s accounts and compiling a report for the General Assembly. 

5. Funding 

In order to develop its projects, Culture-Ti.Net is financially supported by: 

  • Association fees 
  • Donations 
  • Sponsors 

6. Dissolution 

In case of dissolution the association’s capital will be devoted to another non-profit association in Ticino with the same or a similar objective.

It is stated that Culture-Ti.Net was established on March 9, 2011.

It is possible to download the statute’s PDF here.