This pandemic, characterized by so many difficulties for the entire world population, is forcing all of us to change our habits of life and to open more our hearts to the neediest people. One of the most important human rights is certainly the right to food, and unfortunately in the poorest areas this important right has difficulty to be fulfilled.

5 years ago our Culture Ticino Network Association started to support the neediest people in Ticino and in the Philippines too, especially in the Bulacan Region. In January 2020 we also founded our twin association “Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association” based in Paombong. This was strongly desired by our President Margherita Maffeis-Natale, also Honorary Consul of the Philippines in the Canton of Ticino, and by our committee to help with projects in the poor area of grade 3, which includes Paombong, with about 53’000 inhabitants, where the majority of the population lives in extreme poverty.


With Covid-19 the Region of Bulacan and Paombong, currently in quarantine, are facing serious food supplies difficulties. For this reason, the Association Culture Ticino Network of Lugano immediately responded to the request for help of the Rdo. Fr. Anacleto C. Ignacio of the Parish of Paombong in the Philippines, with the aim of helping 1’000 families living in extreme poverty. The aid consists in preparing food packages containing rice, noodles, canned goods for these neediest families.

From 2 to 4 April 2020, thanks to an initial payment by our Association and the support by other sponsors in the Philippines, have been distribuited food packages to the neediest families.

















Update of May: the Culture Ticino Network Association in Lugano/Switzerland and the Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association in Paombong/Filippine are pleased to inform you that in the first half of May 2020, in collaboration with the local parish of Paombong, other food packages were distributed to the most needy families in Paombong. Our donation included 116 packages containing 3 kg of rice, noodles and canned meat. We sincerely thank the sponsors and the parish of Paombong for their valuable cooperation.







We would also like to thank the pharmaceutical company Pasqual Laboratories Inc. in Manila for its sponsorship of medicines and vitamins.

On Sunday May 31st 2020, the Culture Ticino Network of Lugano Association, in collaboration with the Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association of Paombong, distributed food packages in the Barangay Balite of Malolos (Bulacan Region) to 100 neediest families. Our donation included 3 kg of rice, noodles, tinned meat and coffee.












Update of June: on Monday June 1st 2020 another distribution of food packages to the poorest families in Paombong took place, again in collaboration with our Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association, which operates on site. On this day were distributed rice, noodles, coffee, medicines and vitamins for adults and children.












On June 28th 2020, the fifth distribution of food packages and medications took place in the two Barangay Balite and Balayong of Malolos, in the Bulacan Region. Helping the poorest of the poor is the mission of the association Culture Ticino Network of Lugano (Switzerland) and Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association of Paombong (Philippines). This distribution has touched our hearts. Many families have no more rice and risk suffering even more hunger. All these families live in very poor situations and also need your help.







Update of August: on 15 August 2020 there was the 6th distribution of the relief goods in the Barangay Isla Masile – Malolos City – Bulacan, Philippines.
It was a day full of emotions and a lot of heart. Many families live in extreme poverty and many homes are flooded. Food is scarce and fishing is not always fruitful. Culture Ticino Network Association in Lugano (Switzerland) and Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association in Paombong (Philippines) are already organizing the next distribution. We are looking for sponsors, so we can help more families in need.













Updates for the month of September: We are proud to inform you that on 26 September 2020 the seventh distribution of food packages took place in Barangay NG Caliligawan (City of Malolos) and Malolos. After an hour of boat trip, on Saturday, a hundred relief goods were distributed to very poor families living on this island of fishermen. The Associazione Culture Ticino Network of Lugano (Mainsponsor in Switzerland) and the Associazione Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association in Paombong did not stop and on the same day they delivered another 40 relief goods to needy families in the area in Malolos. Another 30 relief goods will be distributed in the next few days to people who live in the Bulacan Region and who for months no longer receive a salary due to the pandemic.












Update November: We are glad to inform you that on the 28th of November 2020 the eight distribution was made in Barangay Tibag in Pulilan, Bulacan Region. During the day, over one hundred food packages containing rice, noodles, coffee, and canned fish and meat were distributed to very poor families, who were greatly affected by the pandemic and the typhoon Ulysses which in november hit strong the Philippines.
After the heavy rain this Saturday, our local committee members, Jennefer, Elsa, Justine, and Ernie were unable to reach all the various huts, and for this reason, the distribution was organized safely, gathering part of the beneficiaries in one location.












Update December: We are glad to inform you that on the 30th of December 2020 another important distribution was made in the Barangay Meysulao in Calumpit. During that day, food packs with rice, noodles, coffee and canned goods were distributed to a hundred very poor families who still lives in the evacuation center. Unfortunately these people can not yet return to their homes, because they still have floods in their houses. We wanted to bring them a little joy, aware that it is only a drop, but made with the heart.












To be able to continue with the distribution in the coming months we need your help! Even a small donation can make a big difference!


You can make your free offer to the following bank account in the name of the association:

Associazione Culture Ticino Network, Lugano
IBAN: CH140024724710719501F


Heartfelt thanks for every donation! We will treat every support with the most transparency. Our association in Paombong will follow this project on site.

Our Culture Ticino Network Association in Ticino/Switzerland is recognized as a public utility by the Canton of Ticino and for this reason you can deduct the donation from your taxes.

“The great richness of humanity lies in solidarity” and to get out of these difficult moments only a minimal but enormously important gesture is really enough. We will be very grateful to anyone who decides to donate something to support this emergency that has affected the neediest people in Paombong. Thank you so much in advance for your donation and solidarity!


For more information: or by phone +41 91 922 95 18

Facebook: Associazione Culture Ticino Network

Facebook: Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association