To celebrate our 10th year of activity the association Culture Ticino Network of Lugano launches the new international competition “Write the peace song”, to which are invited scholars of the third, fourth and fifth classes of elementary school, the middle schools and the high schools in Ticino, the provinces of Como and Varese.

The new contest is a continuation of the project for the creation of a “culture of peace” in continuity with the historical commitment of our association and its initiatives “create the flag of peace” of 2018 and “poetries of peace” of 2019.
The association Culture Ticino Network confirms, in its tenth anniversary, its constant commitment to creating opportunities for sociality, exchange and cultural growth.

The object of the competition is the creation of one or more song lyrics with particular attention to children’s right and environmental protection, addressing issues of kindness, friendship and cultures. It is also possible to present the lyrics accompanied by a musical base or a melody.
The songs will be evaluated by the steering committee of the association and by people with experience in musical field.

The “Song of Peace” must be the result of productive teamwork that, based on solid values of friendship, brotherhood, sharing and collaboration between apparently different peoples and cultures, bears fruit.

Due to the current situation related to the coronavirus we are forced to postpone our competition so the deadline to participate is September 30, 2020 while the deadline for the delivery of the lyrics is set for December 15, 2020.
The award ceremony will take place in spring 2021 during an event specially organized by the Association Culture Ticino Network, about which you will receive more information as soonest.

We thank you in advance for your participation and for putting your imagination at our disposal.


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