Monday, November 13th, 2017, starting from 08:45 am at Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano


From 08.45 am to 4:00 pm

The whole day will be dedicated to students of primary, middle and high schools of Ticino, with interesting workshops related to the theme of “Communication of Peace”. The proposed workshops will be structured with training modules and technical sheets, tailored according to the age of the children, and they will be managed by both experts and no-profit Associations and Foundations.


8.45 am: Schools hospitality

From 9.00 am to 9.30 am: Official inauguration, intervention of various guests and musical entertainment with the secondary school of Massagno, by Beppe Sanzari (teacher of music education).

There will be two rounds: in the morning between 09:45 am and 12:00 pm ca. and in the afternoon from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm ca.

From 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm there will be a lunch break, where we propose a maccheronata of solidarity.

The enrollment is close, because we reached the maximum of the partecipants


The 2017 edition of the World Forum for Peace is pleased to present the following workshops:


Workshop 1


The Culture Ticino Network Association proposes a workshop about the theme “Communication of Peace” as challenge for the future, that will be the basic topic of the whole World Forum for Peace.

With the participants will be analyzed the past , present and future communication in a variety of contexts, with particular reference to family, school, society and technologies (Internet). In addition, with practical exercises, the participants will be involved in the physical and symbolic creation of a real “Village of Peace” where we can see how our actions a purpose in themselves but are able to act and impact globally and in the future .

To download the form of the workshop 1 click HERE!


Workshop 2


Edited by Federica Dubbini, the workshop is inspired by the art therapy and is dedicated to students of elementary, middle and high school.

Each participant will have the opportunity to give voice to their own thought or emotion through art tool that he will feel more congenial, work in an environment free from any kind of judgment and share within the group, if desired, what produced, giving a title to his work. They will, thus, find differences or similarities with others, approach the other’s emotional world with respect and openness and have fun playing with the proposed materials. To each working group will be proposed a mandate, which will serve as inspiration to start creating. All works will then be put together as in a tale and start a fantastic and improvised narrative, on the wings of imagination.

To download the form of the workshop 2 click HERE!


Workshop 3


The Stopdesert Association offers an interesting theoretical and practical workshop where you will find mainly the relationship between man and nature.

Through some images (showing a village: first lush and then arid) it will formulate the questions:

  • Why did we come at this point?
  • Which factors were decisive?
  • What does it mean to the people of this region such a situation?

To download the form of the workshop 3 click HERE!


Workshop 4


The workshop, organized by Patrizia Gioia of the Arbor Foundation, will accompany us to the rediscovery of the experience, ingenuity and art of Dante’s life through the story of his “journey” :common human experience and possible for each of us .

Dante Alighieri is considered the father of the Italian language and his “Comedy” one of the greatest masterpieces of world literature. His work, if read with discernment and attention, can transform us deeply. Of course we should not limit ourselves to an “exterior” reading, horizontal, only scholarly or historical. It is important to know who is this character and what he did, the historical coordinates are used, but they are not the essence.

To download the form of the workshop 4 click HERE!


Workshop 5


The Ridere per Vivere Association offers a theoretical and practical workshop about how comedy can promote peace by helping the relationships between people.

Trust, listen, play and strength of laughing accompany us during the day.

It will also projected the images of “Clownin’ KABUL,” a road to peace.

To download the form of the workshop 5 click HERE!


Workshop 6


The Boundary Guards propose an interesting workshop that includes:

  • the significance of the fundamental rights and of the consequences in a peace process;
  • where are defined the fundamental rights at European, national and cantonal level;
  • the value of the rights but also of the duties;
  • the application of fundamental rights to our social context;
  • sensitive aspects of the daily work of the Boundary Guards called to protect the interests of the State in compliance with the fundamental rights;
  • the reality of these concepts into the daily activities of a Boundary Guard.

These subjects will be discussed during the workshop in the form of educational talks, encouraging the practical involvement of the participants creating conditions for reflection and discussion.

To download the form of the workshop 6 click HERE!


Workshop 7


Katharina Kindler of ASSEFA Association, offers an interesting workshop on the philosophy of Mahatma Ghandi, during which there will be presentations and video, in which the communication of peace was vital to realize sustainability projects with ASSEFA India , ASSEFA Italy and the local population.

The communication of effective peace is an awareness. The culture of peace is the only way to understand that peace can only be achieved through non-violence, which, unfortunately, is currently not possible as long as humanity primarily pursues the path of capitalism and materialism.

Until the world defends security with weapons, it does not prepare itself for a non-violent communication and peace will not be reached.

To download the form of the workshop 7 click HERE!


Workshop 8


The Ticinese Association Famiglie Affidatarie concerns a delicate and complex topic, and involves children in the foreground. They are the main protagonists and it is important that they are involved in communication (with biological parents, foster parents, with professionals who revolve around them in this situation). It is important to talk about this topic, explain what happens in a foster care and why it happens. More than the “how”, the children are interested in the “why.” The workshop organized by ATFA aims precisely to reflect respect to the issue of foster care, and then the reception of a child in another family.

In order to link to the theme of the World Forum, the intention with this workshop is to help children and young people to reflect on the theme of foster care and its relationship with communication: how can you communicate a distress ? Because communication is such an important role in relations with their biological parents and foster parents?

To download the form of the workshop 8 click HERE!


Workshop 9


The workshop organized by Gabriela Giuria Tasville of Amnesty International Swiss Section intends to engage children to reflect on the boundary of the public sphere and the private sphere.

Often the answer before this question is “I have nothing to hide, supervise me as well!” But are we sure that we did not want to hold something just for ourselves? Each of us makes, every day, do things in our private space that would not were seen in public. It is therefore not because we have something to hide that we do not want to be supervised indiscriminately, but because there are some areas of our lives that we prefer to keep private.

The objectives of this workshop are: to discover and define our privacy sphere, be aware of the rules that define the privacy on social media and learn the right to a private life.

To download the form of the workshop 9 click HERE!


Workshop 10


The workshop edited by Chaba Families Association aims to reach young people, involving them in distant stories of worlds and with them deal with the topic of diversity, solidarity and tolerance.

Through images and role games that involve everyone, they think about the proposed projects, express their thoughts, share it with the group and together they discover that the comparison with diversity is a chance to get close to another person.
Imagine to build a bridge that allows to create a link between our reality and the one of another population.

To download the form of the workshop 10 click HERE!


Workshop 11


In a world filled with war, violence and fear of the other, the objective of the workshop, edited by Andrea Mussi of COOPI Suisse Association, is to share with young people the existence of some of the minor violations of the rights, who victims are children and young people like us. Show to the participants that we can communicate together and clam peacefully our rights.

The workshop will include a first part wishing that photograph the “slavery” conditions in which the children enrolled in the armed forces are forced to live.
In the second part we will paint our hands of red to share our NO to the use of child soldiers.

To download the form of the workshop 11 click HERE!