We invite every school to participate to our “Villaggio della Pace”, to include it in the school curriculum and to send the form enrollment per email (to not later than 20th October 2018, indicating the estimated number of participants and the preferred workshops.

To download the form of enrollment, click HERE

The Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano will receive for the whole day, primary, middle, high and professional schools’ students of Ticino. They will participate in our “Village of Peace” with interesting workshops related to the theme of  the environment and human being’s protection, communication, tolerance and solidarity, and the value of Peace.
There will be two turns of workshop, the first one in the morning (from 9 a.m to 12 a.m), and the second one in the afternoon (from 1:30 p.m to 4 p.m).

As every year, there will be a “Solidarity Maccheronata” for every participant, prepared by Mr. Gadina of “Associazione Carnevale of Lugano”.

The 11 workshops will be managed by experts and no-profit Associations. Members of Swiss and international Foundations will put their practical experience in humanitarian aids at the student’s disposal, by the organization of workshops that will actively involve the participants.

We’d like to thank for the cooperation: Stopdesert; Arbor Foundation; Amnesty International Swiss section; COOPI Suisse; Bridge of Hope; WWF Switzerland; Clowns without borders; Malattie Genetiche Rare Association; Forza Rescue Dog and Ms. Suzanne Palermo, illustrator and author.


Schedule of the event:

At 8:45 a.m: Schools reception in Palazzo dei Congressi.

From 9 a.m to 9:30 /9:40 a.m: official inauguration of the 8th  World Peace Forum, with the participation of well-known guests; welcome speech held by Mrs. Maffeis, President and Founder of Culture Ticino Network Association, and by the city councilman Angelo Jelmini. After that, we will attend the  special show of the company “Pourça”.

From 9:45 a.m to 12:00 a.m: first turn of workshop.

From 12 a.m to 1:30 p.m: lunch break – Maccheronata of Solidarity, organised by Mr Gadina, member of the Carnival Association of Lugano.

From 1.30 p.m to 4.00 p.m: second turn of workshop.


The 2018 edition of the World Forum for Peace is pleased to present the following workshops:

Workshop 1


Organized by Margherita Maffeis, President and founder of Culture Ticino Network Association

Culture Ticino Network holds a workshop about the theme of “defense of person and environment in peace”, thinking the differences between Ticino and in the Philippines, where our Association supports projects related to these topics. Together with the participants will be analyze the right of health and the possibility to eat in a healthy way, the environmental and nutritional sustainability, as well as the consequences if this right weren’t guaranteed, in terms of health. Then it will think about ecology and recycling, concluding with a presentation about a community garden project in a school of Paombong, which includes concepts like sustainability, health and cooperation.

To download the form of the workshop 1 click HERE!


Workshop 2


Organized by Suzanne Palermo – illustrator and author for children, with the musical collaboration of Pinuccia Soffientini – music therapist

Mein topic of this workshop is a vision of peace that represents either collective path or individual path. Peace is built together, but it starts from us, this is a concept for every peace strategies and protection of our planet. It will be discovered in an easy way with the support of three stories: “Il mondo a pezzi”, “Il pezzo mancante incontra il Grande O” and “Il seme di carota”. The stories will be followed by music and thinking time about harmony with themselves and human values.

To download the form of the workshop 2 click HERE!


Workshop 3


Organized by Bridge of Hope

Through this workshop dedicated to communication, it will be tried to build up metaphorical bridges, involving participant into the stories of a far world, together will be analysed the themes of interculturality, solidarity and tolerance. In a group will be share thoughts related to projects of a Philippino Association and through an activity the following values will be discussed: finding time for yourselves and other people, engaging  for social activities, making friends, a balanced vision of the natural resources, more social justice, learning that is more important give than receive, fighting prejudices, we are all members of the same family.

To download the form of the workshop 3 click HERE!


Workshop 4


Organized by the environmental section of WWF – Suisse

Through educational activities aimed to active cognitively the students, we try to answer to the following questions in order to a better comprehension of this topic: how does the climate change works? What are greenhouse gases and there is any relation with the climate? Are Atlantic hurricanes and storms in the Alps a consequence of climate change? What effects do climate changes have on polar bears? What is to be done to avoid serious consequences?

To download the form of the workshop 4 click HERE!


Workshop 5


Organized by Clowns without Borders

Through games of movement, listening and role play, each participant introduces himself to the group using his own presence. It will be comedy, focus of the Clown’s games, which will allow to the participants to easily appreciate the characteristics of each member of the group. Through laughter, we aim to minimize the distance among people. It is an experience related to the openness of the individual towards the collective, and  respect within a “group” in which all are important to create a vocabulary. Through the game, we move on to the phenomenon of integration, bringing awareness about solidarity.

To download the form of the workshop 5 click HERE!


Workshop 6


Organized by Andrea Mussi of COOPI Suisse Association

This workshop will be structured in two path:

The Others: we analyze the education in emergencies, a humanitarian program, which aim to prevent, minimize, the barriers toward young and education.

Us: We will try to ask ourselves questions about our reality and we will hypothesize actions useful to improve our condition in terms of education. We will compare them with the needs of our peers who live in emergency places not far from us. Together we will imagine some types of intervention used to guarantee access to the education of young people who challenge every day dangers, threats and violence in order to study.

To download the form of the workshop 6 click HERE!


Workshop 7


Organized by Malattie Genetiche Rare Association

This workshop will be structured in three phases and it will answer two questions:

Where is the edge between support and protection? What can I do in order to help people who are affect to rare disease? During the first phase, people with rare disease (children, young, adult) will share their daily experiences, in terms of what support them, protect or obstruct.

The second phase will be more practical, will be analysed auxiliary tool, which support people affected by rare diseases. While the third phase will be a summary of the other phases through dialogue.

To download the form of the workshop 7 click HERE!


Workshop 8


Organized by Amnesty International Swiss

Amnesty International proposes a teamwork in order to learn and build up our self-esteem and recognize other people as human beings worthy of respect and empathy. An insecure boy is not able to relate with his schoolmates, authorities, there is a high risk that could become a bully or a victim. Human rights allow us to see and respect everyone as free and equal, in our differences.

To download the form of the workshop 8 click HERE!


Workshop 9


Organized by Patrizia Gioia of Arbor Fondation /lecturer Gianni Vacchelli

This workshop is an opportunity to discover the extraordinary importance of the poetry and experience of Dante Alighieri. Dante’s journey is a spiritual adventure, but also civil and political. Focus of the poem are: men, god and nature but the common goal is peace. Thus, we can discover in Dante a master of wisdom, beauty and depth, who concern us and make us reflect in this time of anthropological crisis (and not only economic). The three kingdoms of Dante: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, are not so much supernatural realms, but the possibility of our life in this world. What man do you want to be, does Dante seem to ask us? Will you be a hellish, purgatorial man, or even a man of light and beauty? Will you be a man of war or peace? Will you live the enchantment of nature or will you destroy it?

To download the form of the workshop 9 click HERE!


Workshop 10


Organized by Forza Rescue Dog

This workshop will explain the meaning of being an abandoned dog, in terms of feelings and fears. We will tell, which are the dangers related to an abandon, how a dog gets rescued and then how to take care of him in these situations. The idea behind this concept is to recreate a history of one or two rescued dogs and share it by bringing them and their adopters to the workshop.

To download the form of the workshop 10 click HERE!


Workshop 11

Organized by Stopdesert

In this workshop will be provided opportunity to discuss the relation between peace and protection, especially in a sector where the protection is connected with environment, whose consequences have an effect on many social aspects. We will discuss about desert, breeding farms and cultural traditions. We will find relations between these factors and we will analyze the advance of desertification, which causes problems that affect population where our Association is active, for example Senegal in the region of Linguère. In small groups will be asked to prepare a project (through a board) in order to improve a situation, thinking about peace among inhabitans. It is requested to take into account, for each project, the implications in the social and family life of the villagers.  After the sharing and discussion of the participants’ projects, the working method of Stopdesert will be presented.

To download the form of the workshop 11 click HERE!