Project 2016-2017: “Petali di Pace” afterschool





Petali di Pace is an afterschool addressed to schoolchildren with aimed to communicate the importance of culture of peace and solidarity to the young generations; it consists in a variety of workshop during the afternoon.
This project, promoted by our association takes place in Ticino inside the classes or inside municipality areas.

The message

The topics we reach are positive, apolitical and non-religious messages:

  • Human Rights awareness, basic universal human rights, like access to food and water, individual freedom, education, and the improvement of the situation of women and their role;
  • Solidarity with poor, old and handicapped people;
  • Dialogue and tolerance to understand the diversity of people and the appreciation of this diversity;
  • Culture of peace and non-violence.

Our workshop are arranged in collaboration with parent meetings and they will change at every appointment. Our topics depend also by the kind of partner involved in our project, they could vary from artistic workshop, to musical or nature-related workshop-


So far we had numerous collaborations inside our project “Viaggio dei Petali di Pace” that took place inside Ticino’s classes.

We have news: we succesfully found a permanent location where we can move forward with our project and extend it to all the generations!

If you want to arrange a parent meeting or questions contact us:

Tel: +41 91 922 95 18

Mail:  /





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Petali di pace