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World Forum for Peace

The World Forum for Peace is the special event of our Association that brings people together to address current challenges and promote peace awareness. During the Forum, crucial topics such as peace, human rights, environmental conservation, and solidarity with the needy are explored in depth. Distinguished guests, speakers, and artists contribute to making this event extraordinary and meaningful.

Walking for Peace

Walking for Peace is an important initiative promoted by the Culture Ticino Network Association in Lugano. This cross-border event brings together children and people of different ages and backgrounds in a symbolic gesture to promote peace, offering everyone the opportunity to not remain silent. It is a moment of awareness, sharing, and above all, unity, aimed at building a better world and raising awareness for peace.

Peace Village

The "Peace Village" is an extraordinary opportunity to learn and share knowledge about peace and human rights. This educational day, organized in collaboration with associations and expert professionals, offers 11 interactive workshops. The workshops, tailored to various educational contexts, will guide you through an engaging and stimulating learning journey.

After-school program "Il viaggio dei petali di pace"

This engaging extracurricular after-school program aims to introduce elementary school students to important values such as solidarity, peace, and children's rights. Through stories, games, songs, and dances, children are introduced to these important themes.

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