In these years, Culture Ticino Network Association has accomplished many important solidarity projects, supporting the needy people in Ticino and in the world.
And it was done thanks to the great work of its members and volunteers, who organize and arrange every year a wide range of solidarity events, aimed to spread the message of peace and solidarity towards all the generations.

TSo far the Association supported several projects:

  • 2012: Co-financing of scholarships for promising young musicians of the Music Conservatory in Ticino, whom are in financial difficulties. The association funded for the scholarship of the musician Jonathan Gabriel Guzman Farias;
  • 2013: “Food and Poverty“, 1500 packs of rice were devolved to the Associations Il Tavolino Magico and Pro Senegal;

  • 2014: “Peace in Karamoja”,  we supported the development of the village Loleya in Uganda where is promoted cohexistence with different ethnic communities;

  • 2015-2016: we participated to the 2nd edition of “Food and Poverty”, fundraising for an orphanage in the Philippines. The mission is to create a bridge between Ticino and the Philippines, and to supply the necessary funds for the orphanage;
    ➡ More information about the project Food and Poverty

  • 2016-now: project Petali di Pace, an afterschool program for elementary schoolchildren, organized in several appointments during the school year, including workshops for the awareness of culture of peace;
    ➡ More information about the project Petali di Pace
  • 2017-now: Construction of a Multipurpose center in the Philippines where there will be offered food, medical examinations, training and cultural-artistic moments to the most needy children and teenagers from Paombong, Region of Bulacan. And feeding program to the needy children of Paombong.
    ➡ More information about the project Multipurpose center
  • 2018: in October the Association is starting its new project “Spazio Generazioni”, through which we are going to build up a place of education offer an educational and socialization for young people (aged from 15 to 25) who have finished the compulsory school and have difficulties to get a job.
    ➡ More information about the project Spazio Generazioni

To learn more about our projets and events, read our Newsletter 2018