Spazio Generazioni was established in 2018, by the idea of Culture Ticino Network Association of building up a place of education and socialization for young people who finished the compulsory schools and have difficulties to get a job.

Our focus is to develop one or two mornings in a week for learning and makeup classes, in order to  improve students’ skills but also take advantage of the common place for relationship purposes. The location of this project is in Caslano.


We aim to build up a space of personal and professional growth, an attractive environment for learning.  This project  is not only an educational place, we will organize amusement activities too. Moreover our goal is to develop activities that provide added value to the future  of the youth, enhancing their potential and developing their skills.

Message we want to share:

Our Association has at heart the future of the youth, for this reason has developed a stimulating learning space, where young people feel valued, ready for a more conscious integration into the job market.

Future goals:

At the beginning this project will be integrated in the after school “Petali di Pace” but in the near future will be extended for elderly people. Our great future goal is to build up a intergenerational place suitable for everyone.

To download the flyer and the registration form click here.

For whom were interested we are reachable at the following contact information:

Tel: +41 91 922 95 18

Mail: info@culture-ti.net  /  info@maffeisnetwork.ch

Facebook: https://it-it.facebook.com/cuorepace