Spazio Generazioni was established in 2018 by the Culture Ticino Network Association with the idea of building up a place for socialization and learning for young people who finished the compulsory schools, with the aim to support them in activities, which can bring them an added value to their formative future. Furthermore, the courses are addressed to local adults or people who just moved to Ticino and would like to improve their knowledge and skills in a socialization environment. For the newcomers this project would be a great opportunity for integration in the community.

We propose German, English, Italian and Mathematics courses, which will take place, twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday morning from 09:30 to 11:30 at the Ashkenazy Ballet Center of Caslano. The second part of the sessions will start in march and will last until the 28.06.2019.

The admission to the program is carried out through a registration and a payment for the participation fee, in order to support the project. The fees for February to June is CHF 95.– a month.

To subscribe, download the registration form, fill out your details and send the completed form to info@culture-ti.net or call the association +41 (0) 91 922 95 18 within the 15.03.2019. We look forward to seeing you numerous.


Click on the flyer to download the registration form

For whom were interested we are reachable at the following contact information:

Tel: +41 91 922 95 18

Mail: info@culture-ti.net