Spazio Generazioni” was established in 2018, originating from the idea of the Culture Ticino Network Association to create a place for socialization and learning for young people who have completed compulsory education. The objective is to support them in activities that can add value to their educational future, as well as for the adults in the area or those who have recently moved to the Canton Ticino, who want to improve their knowledge and skills in an environment that allows them to socialize. For newcomers, this project is also an opportunity to integrate into the community!

The project ran successfully until 2019. In 2020, it was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



This significant project was carried out in collaboration with numerous other supporters. The official delivery of the minibus to the GenerationsPlus Center in Lugano took place on Friday, May 29, 2015, at the Garage Della Santa in Giubiasco.

The minibus is still in operation and aims to assist elderly, disabled, and needy individuals.

The Culture Ticino Network Association is very pleased to have contributed to the realization of this project and thanks all the supporters, especially the Matilde Witzig Evangelical Foundation and the Fidinam Foundation.



Peace in Karamoja

Another important project was “Peace in Karamoja,” aimed at supporting the development of the Loleya village in Uganda, where coexistence among different ethnic groups is being experimented. It all started in 2009 thanks to the intervention of Father Piero Ciaponi, who decided to help these people by bringing them together in a single village. The support of GIM, which ensures healthcare assistance and facilitates school attendance, has been of significant importance.

We are pleased to announce that the “Peace Karamoja” project has been realized, thanks to our supporters, through the purchase of educational materials for students at the Lorengae school in Uganda.

In 2013, the guiding theme of the 3rd World Forum for Peace was the intention to bring all generations closer to the culture of peace and solidarity through tailored activities, with a particular focus on the concrete project regarding “Food and Poverty.”

To download the press release, click HERE

On the occasion of the 3rd World Forum, in collaboration with Professor Edoardo Malagigi of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and his volunteers, an artistic installation was created with 1500 bags of rice, which were delivered to the Il Tavolino Magico and Pro Senegal Associations (see Pro Senegal’s letter).



Our President personally delivered “a contribution in support of a scholarship” to the young and promising musician Jonathan Gabriel Guzman Farias at the Lugano Conservatory.

Jonathan spent much of his childhood in an orphanage in Caracas. He discovered music as a child. Jonathan’s goal is to become a great classical musician and a teacher in symphonic music for children. To achieve this, he needs to continue his studies for a long time.

Heartfelt wishes, Jonathan, may all your dreams come true!