“If we truly want to teach peace in this world, and if we want to accomplish a real war against war, then we must start with children; and if they are allowed to grow in their natural innocence, there will no longer be any need to fight.” ~ M. Gandhi


The words spoken by Gandhi in the early 1930s in London are illuminated, forward-thinking, and of extraordinary relevance, now part of our history. Our children represent the present and, above all, the future of this world, and it is precisely in this perspective that the Culture Ticino Network Association has decided to implement the project “The Journey of Peace Petals.”


“The Journey of Peace Petals” is an after-school program for elementary schools dedicated to imparting the values of the culture of peace and solidarity to students. It consists of a series of extracurricular activities and workshops designed to engage elementary school children during part of an afternoon. The project takes place in the Ticino region, using classrooms and spaces provided by schools or municipal facilities.


At the heart of these events are solely positive messages related to the following themes:

  • Human rights and environmental conservation
  • Solidarity with the needy
  • Dialogue and tolerance
  • The role of women in today’s society
  • Social justice in the workplace and other sectors.

Petals of Peace

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