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Great attendance at the 11th World Forum for Peace!


This year’s 11th World Forum for Peace, held from November 18 to December 14, 2023 in various facilities in Lugano, was once again a great success, with the wonderful participation of many renowned guests, authorities and artists who gathered in the name of Peace to share important messages.

Opening night, Saturday, November 18, 2023

On Saturday, November 18, from 5:00 p.m., the significant opening night of the 11th edition of the World Forum for Peace 2023 was held at the Hotel de la Paix in Lugano.

Moderating the first part of the evening was journalist Antonio Franzi who, after a musical intervention by singer Francesca Parrotta, gave the floor to the Honorary Consul of the Philippines and President of the Culture Ticino Network Association, A. Margherita Maffeis-Natale. The President presented the work of the last few years of the Culture Ticino Network Association, stressing the importance of raising awareness and supporting values related to the Culture of Peace: “Today more than ever, with a new ongoing War in the Middle East and more than 60 armed conflicts in the world, our Association feels the need to raise even more awareness of the Culture of Peace among all generations and at all levels.”

Next to speak were State Council President Raffaele de Rosa, who stressed the importance of Peace in the community, Philippine Embassy Consul General Josephine Reynante, who highlighted the catastrophic consequences of the war in Israel and the Philippines’ commitment to condemning these violent acts, as well as the state’s commitment to guaranteeing the rights of children. She was followed by Grand Council President Nadia Ghisolfi, discussing the importance of Peace as a concrete ideal among the younger generations, lawyer Chiarella Rei Ferrari, who brought her testimony on the work and ongoing commitment of our association to the culture of peace and on behalf of those most in need, and the Mayor of Lavena Ponte Tresa Massimo Mastromarino, recalling the significance of peaceful cross-border cooperation and the important milestone of the event “Wall for Peace” which will see it’s 10th edition in 2024.

After the special welcome greetings, the Round Table “Peace and the Rights of Children and Youth” began, whose speakers were Tiziana Volta, coordinator of the World March for Peace 2024; Anna Vidoli, coordinator Cantonal Program for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Youth; and Dr. Donatella Marazziti, world-renowned psychiatry specialist.

The speeches were dynamic and brilliant and allowed for reflection on very relevant issues. Anna Vidoli focused on the idea of the child, characterized by needs that change with growth, on how these needs result in rights, and how this is a priority for the Ticino Canton. She presented the Cantonal Program for the Promotion of Rights, Prevention of Violence, and Protection of Children and Youth from 0 to 25 Years, a program active from 2021 to 2024. The importance of child development, which as a dependent and vulnerable being must depend on adult responsibility, was emphasized. Children’s needs are not only physiological and related to nutrition, sleep and hygiene, but also include a range of psychological, emotional and relational needs that must be taken into account.

Some of the most important rights of children have been mentioned such as the right to non-discrimination, the interest of the child put first, the implementation of rights, the right to life, survival and development, the right to have an identity, to keep the family together, to respect and listen to the child’s opinion, to be protected from all violence, the right to protection of refugee children, the right to health, safe water, food and environment, the right to access education, and finally the right to rest, play, to access art and culture.

In order to ensure the protection of the child, the Cantonal Program for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Youth (0-25 years old) was created in Ticino, where new dimensions and measures are integrated so that the values of promotion, prevention, protection and participation can be centered and pursued to the fullest. The objectives of the program are to contribute to the affirmation of the rights of children and youth enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; to strengthen the promotion of rights by consolidating collaboration among municipal, cantonal, national and international public institutions and with private partners in the area; and finally, to comply with a specific political will with a concrete and structured program of action.

Anna Vidoli, in conclusion, reminded the audience that many serious violations occur against children, but that the subtlest violations of rights should not be forgotten, which are precisely those that are the most dangerous as they are often ignored.

The second speaker, Tiziana Volta, told about the birth of the World March and its important work and the projects carried out. The third edition of this important event will be launched on the 2nd October 2024 in San Jose, Costa Rica, and will end on the January 5th 2025. She spoke by highlighting the primary goal of spreading the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, which envisions change as synonymous with revolution to ensure Peace and end Wars. The speaker then stressed the importance of treating those around us as we would like to be treated in order to live peacefully. During her meaningful speech, the World March coordinator formalized the valuable collaboration with our Association Culture Ticino Network, which will see a World March delegation enter the Peace Village on November 5th 2024.

The third and final speaker, Dr. Marazziti, on the other hand, explained how the concept of Peace starts right from our brains and from psychiatric and neuroscientific concepts. She highlighted how the brain is born to be good, with billions of neurons and circuits that generate empathy, passion, mercy and that is why the child can and should be educated with the right concepts from an early age.

To conclude the first part of the evening, children from the Montessori School La Casa di IRMA in Bedano performed with the songs “The Heartbeat,” “Peace is,” “Light candles” and “Ciripim.” President Margherita Maffeis-Natale recalled the importance of children, who are our future, and heartily thanked the children, teacher Barbara Busana and the parents, and then moved on to cut the ribbon that officially inaugurated the World Forum for Peace 2023.

The aperitif, from 7 p.m., included musical entertainment by the talented violinist Natalia Carpenco and the first fashion show of the evening by Miriam Tirinzoni, who delighted those present with her wonderful creations.

The second part of the evening was presented by Maristella Polli, and was enlivened with music and entertainment thanks to the wonderful voices of the duo “Le Unio”: Francesca Parrotta and Natalia Carpenco. Renowned guests intervened during the course of the event: Hon. Tiziano Galeazzi, Lugano City Hall, who brought greetings from the City of Lugano, Nadia Ghisolfi, on the importance and purity of the child, Ivan Magnani, author of the book “Piacere, Ivan Magnani. Life as a Referee.”

During the Gala Dinner two beautiful fashion shows were exhibited. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about the dresses and elegant bags of the Italian designer Miriam Tirinzoni, who has formalized the future collaboration with our Association.

The second beautiful fashion show took place at the end of the evening. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about the sustainable project, started during the pandemic, PamPinay, by Pamela Gotangco Hupp. To realize this project there was also the important contribution of models and voluntary models of the local Filipino community and Ticino ladies who support our Association.

A very important moment of the evening was the presentation of the Spyri Award, an award of the Culture Ticino Network Association introduced in 2013 which is assigned during the World Forum for Peace, to people who have distinguished themselves in the field of peace and solidarity. This symbolic award is derived from the famous novel “Heidi,” written by author Johanna Spyri. The little girl can be seen as an example of helping others, remembering her support toward her disabled friend and her grandfather regarding mountain work. A big heart filled with peace that inspired our Association to name the award just like the famous writer of the novel. This year the prize was awarded to the InSuperAbili Association, an Association that has particularly distinguished itself in the area of solidarity, offering and encouraging the practice of sports and recreational activities to people with disabilities. By creating meeting opportunities such as outings, cultural and gastronomic events, and opportunities to practice sports disciplines, the winning Association enables better recovery and social reintegration. These values reflect exactly what the Culture Ticino Network Association wants to promote: Peace, Solidarity, Inclusion, Care and Love for others.

The evening ended with the charity raffle and thanks to the sponsors and all those who made this event unforgettable.

It was a fun-filled evening, but one that did not forget solidarity: the funds raised will go to support projects in Ticino and the Philippines, specifically to the project “Vocational Training in Gastronomy and Support for Independent Business Start-up in the Province of Bulacan in the Philippines,” to support the TESDA scholarships in the area of pastry and bakery. The project is also supported by the solidarity cakes Gioia Esotica and Tropical Cake, created in collaboration with Bignasca SA Bakery-Pastry in Sonvico.

The Peace Village, Thursday 23th November 2024

The second event of the 11th World Forum for Peace was held on November 23 starting at 09:00 a.m. at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano. The event, was attended by 400 people, including pupils from Bellinzona 2 Middle School, Montessori School the House of I.R.M.A, Leonardo da Vinci School, International School of Ticino, Everest Academy Lugano and Santa Caterina Institute. This beautiful morning started with a performance by the Bellinzona 2 High School Choir. Our Association President Margherita Maffeis-Natale then officially inaugurated the day with her welcome greetings and by highlighting the importance of Rights in a world that unfortunately still sees many of them violated. Particular reference was made to children’s rights.


The floor was then passed to Municipal of the City of Lugano Lorenzo Quadri and Sophie Mihei Chirila, a student from the Saint Denis Bilingual School in Turin who offered an important reflection on war and rights by reading a meaningful letter. The opening inauguration concluded with the children choir of the Montessori School La Casa di IRMA, directed by her teacher Barbara Busana, and the youth choir of the Scuola media Bellinzona 2, directed by Thomas Guggia.

At 10 a.m. the first round of workshops began, where the students were able to attend presentations by Associations and Professionals such as the Association Culture Ticino Network, ASSEFA with Katharina Kindler, AMBTIBU, writer Ketty Magni, Suzanne Palermo, Pro Juventute, SwissABILITY, Save the Children, WWF Youth, Swiss Red Cross Sottoceneri Section and pianist Antonio Davì with violinist Natalia Carpenco.


Lunch was held at 12:15 p.m. and was provided by Bignasca SA Bakery in Sonvico. The pupils had the opportunity to taste our new solidarity Tropical Cake. In the afternoon, the rounds of presentations resumed at 1:30 pm and then ended at 4:00 pm.

It was a day filled with Culture of Peace, solidarity and lots of sharing, where children and youth were able to reflect on important and current issues.

Solidarity Concert for Peace, Thursday, December 14, 2023

On Thursday, December 14th 2023, from 8 p.m., at the beautiful St. Anthony Church in Lugano, the 11th edition of the World Forum closed with a very special and emotionally charged solidarity concert. After a welcome greeting from Association president and founder Margherita Maffeis-Natale, participants assisted to a performance by the young students of the percussion course of the School of Music and Pre-College of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana directed by teacher Luca Bruno. The concert then featured magnificent performances by the Locarno Chamber Orchestra, who presented ensemble and solo performances by Isabella Upazzoli, soprano, Andriy Burko, solo viola, and Beat Helfenberger, solo cello. The orchestra was conducted by Andreas Laake. This magical evening, with the wonderful melodies offered, took those present into the true Christmas spirit and harmoniously concluded the World Forum for Peace 2023.


Our projects in 2024:

We are all looking forward to our solidarity events in 2024, which will be an even more extraordinary year! The cross-border event “Walking for Peace” will see its tenth edition, which will be very special and full of surprises. In addition, our Association is pleased to make it official that, as our partner, a delegation from the World March 2024, will participate in our upcoming “Peace Village” on November 5th 2024, which will thus be even more important and enriched with singular initiatives.


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