The Culture Ticino Network Association of Lugano is launching a special fundraising campaign throughout 2023 and beyond, in collaboration with the historic Bignasca bakery-pastry shop in Sonvico, to fund “scholarships (Tesda programs) and start-ups” in the field of pastry and bakery in the Bulacan Region, Philippines.

In collaboration with our Association in Ticino and in the Philippines, Bignasca SA bakery in Sonvico created the solidarity baked good in 2022, named “EXOTIC JOY.”

The project “Professional Training in the gastronomy sector and support for the establishment of independent businesses in the Province of Bulacan in the Philippines” was initiated in 2022.

In the meantime, funds have already been collected for the first 25 scholarships that will be financed in the autumn of 2023.

Project partners include:

  • Culture Ticino Network of Lugano
  • Centro formativo Korphil Center di Bulacan
  • Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association a Paombong/Filippine.




Who is it addressed to? To individuals, companies, associations, foundations who wish to support this project.
It is perfect for any occasion!
Where can you buy it? At the headquarters of the Association Culture Ticino Network Via Cortivallo 3a, 6900 Lugano (c / o MaffeisNetwork SA), for orders you can contact us via e-mail: or at: +41 91 922 95 18. Or at the point of sale of the bakery Bignasca SA in Pregassona.
In addition, there is the possibility to receive large quantities of product for your company or events.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of the cake “GIOIA ESOTICA” will go to the project “Professional training in the field of gastronomy and support for the start-up of independent activities in the Province of Bulacan in the Philippines”. 









Bulacan Province is located northeast of the Philippine capital Manila in the central part of Luzon Island. The area covered by this project includes the southern coastal part of the province between the mouth of the Pampanga River and the north-eastern outskirts of Manila. This area is characterized by strong industrial development with an emphasis on the food industry. In addition, there are plans to build some high-income residential neighbourhoods, residences for tourist purposes and a new international airport flanked by a port area. These innovations will have economic implications, for example it will be necessary to train people in order to take advantage of the various employment opportunities that will derive from these infrastructures and this is especially true for the less affluent population.

A sector that is emerging as an economic activity with a certain potential for development is certainly that of catering and gastronomy. For this reason, our project wants to reach as many people as possible, giving priority to women, in order to allow professional training in the field of gastronomy that aims to enhance the local specialties. The modules offered will be: 144 hours of preparation for the trade of baker and pastry chef, 200 hours of preparation as NC II cook, 80 hours of Preparation of cold meals, and 40 hours for the Preparation of desserts.

The project thus aims to create the conditions for that part of the population that risks being marginalized or excluded from the dynamics of development in this region, and thus to help counteract the trends of increasing socioeconomic disparities among the population that is already currently evident.

In addition, during the pandemic, many people lost their jobs, increasing the problem of poverty to which they were subjected.

There will also be a phase of accompaniment for those who intend to start an independent activity, they will be helped in developing direct contacts with local producers, small businesses, up to the point of being able to create local agro-food mini-businesses.

The project intends to offer the possibility of training with related officially recognized Philippine national diploma through instruction modules of baker and pastry chef, cook, cold meal preparation and cake preparation, which are offered by KorPhil IT Training Center. Also, we would like to point out that the project will not have a time frame. The goal will be to offer scholarships, follow the candidates during their training, but most importantly once they graduate, Culture Ticino Network and Philippines Association in Paombong will continue to keep in touch with the graduates to ensure their placement in the workforce.

Donations and contributions in support of the project:

Culture Ticino Network Association,

Lugano IBAN: CH140024724710719501F