Solidarity projects for the year 2021 in the Philippines

January Update: On Friday, 29th January 2021, the first distribution of school supplies for the neediest children of  the Elementary School in Paombong took place. Due to pandemic, the materials were distributed to parents because the children cannot go to school yet. We sincerely thank Mrs. Janet and other teachers for their valuable cooperation.













Updating July month: After a long period of stalemate, due to the sharp increase of COVID-19 infections in Philippines, another distribution was organized on 11th July 2021, in collaboration with our twin association Culture Ticino Network and Philippines association of Paombong in Philippines, in Barangay San Isidro I of Paombong in Bulacan region. The Barangay lives in a state of extreme poverty. Most people live by fishing, meanwhile the others live by collecting rubbish.

During the day, the food parcels composed of 2kg of rice, noodles, coffee and canned goods were distributed to 120 poor families. For the occasion, 144 bottles of vitamins were also distributed to malnourished children with a very weak immune system.












Our warm thanks to all the supporters and in particular to our volunteers in the Philippines, the Head of Barangay Mrs. Kagawad Jong Vergara for precious help and Mr. Jude Trinidad of St. Luke’s Medical Foundation of Manila for vitamins sponsorship.


You can make your donation to the following bank account in the name of the association:

Associazione Culture Ticino Network, Lugano
IBAN: CH140024724710719501F


Heartfelt thanks for every donation! We will treat every support with the most transparency. Our association in Paombong will follow this project on site.

Our Culture Ticino Network Association in Ticino/Switzerland is recognized as a public utility by the Canton of Ticino and for this reason you can deduct the donation from your taxes.

“The great richness of humanity grows in solidarity” and to get out of these difficult moments only a minimal but enormously important gesture can do the difference. We will be very grateful to anyone who decides to donate something to support this emergency that has affected the Philippines, in particular the neediest people in the Region of Bulacan. Thank you so much in advance for your donation and solidarity!


For more information: or by phone +41 91 922 95 18

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