Saturday, 6th October 2018

Culture Ticino Network Association is glad to invite you to the 6th edition of the transboundary event “Walking for peace”, which will take place on Saturday, October 6th 2018 in Malcantone and in the Varese’s area.

It will be a walk for adult and children, that aims to bring people together and impart an important message of peace and solidarity. The whole event, supported by Swiss and Italian municipalities, will be characterized by several significant moments of solidarity, happiness and entertainment.

The edition of this year will be something special, because it will be declared the winner class of the contest “Create a Flag for Peace”, through which the official flag of the event have been created.


The Swiss Path

The meeting point of the Swiss group will be at the FLP of Agno at 9 a.m, where the Association’s President, Margherita Maffeis will welcome the participants and the authorities.  The walk will start at 9.30 a.m in direction of Magliaso, where at 10 a.m there will be a a short break with buvette at the Court of the Municipal House. We will also attend the show of Veicolo Danza Association.
The Walk will continue towards Caslano, where at 11 am in Piazza Lago there will be a second stop-off with buvette and entertainment. We will admire the fantastic performance of the Ashkenazy Ballet Center of Caslano. Once the 20-minute break is over, we will start the walk again towards Ponte Tresa, where on the customs bridge the Swiss group will finally meet the Italian one at 12.15 a.m; it will be a meeting enriched by an official moment, in which the municipal authorities of the countries involved will participate and give their speech.

The group’s arrival on the customs bridge will be accompanied by Capoeira Ginga Brasilia, which will follow the participants on the final stretch of the route with Brazilian percussions.


The Italian Path

The Italian group will meet at 10.15 a.m at the parking lot next to the Water Park in via Zanzi 25 at Lavena Ponte Tresa and at 10.30 a.m the group will leave in the direction of Piazza Sangiorgio in Ponte Tresa, walking  through the lakeside. The arrival is scheduled at 11 a.m , where you can attend a soccer match between local teams.   At 12.00 a.m departure in the direction of  the Customs Bridge of Ponte Tresa, where at 12.15 a.m  there will be the expected union of the Swiss and Italian people.
Both for the Swiss group and for the Italian group, the day will continue at the Sala Comunale of Ponte Tresa, where from 12.30 a.m to 15.00 p.m there will be the presentation of the Culture Ticino Network Association’s projects,  with the presence of well-known guests and a rich musical animation during the “Charity Maccheronata”.

We will attend a second performance of the Ashkenazy Ballet Center, the one of the enchanting children’s choir  “Voci Bianche sul Ceresio” and the dance of the fascinating Capoeira Ginga Brasilia. Moreover, the participants will enjoy the entertainment of Greta Animazione.

The day will continue with the award ceremony for the winner of the “Draw a Flag for Peace” competition, which had been attended by 160 students from Swiss and Italian schools.

Walking for Peace will be an event full of fun and solidarity, indeed the funds raised during the “Charity Maccheronata” will go to support the main Association’s project in Ticino and in the Philippines.  To learn more about the projects visit the pages: “Spazio Generazioni” in Caslano and the long-term project that aims to construct a “Multipurpose Center” in Philippines.


Click on the poster to download it 

“Walking for Peace” is included within the frame of the events of the Culture Ticino Network Association, which will be led by the 8th World Forum for Peace, thus you are all invited to participate! The topic of this year will be “Peace and Protection of people and environment”, it will take place from November 12th to December 13th, 2018 in well-known buildings in Lugano.