On Saturday, the 6th of October 2018, unconcerned about the uncertain weather, a big crowd of people has participated in the walk that aims to unite people symbolically on the border between Switzerland and Italy.

Two groups of participants gathered at the train station of Agno (in Switzerland) and in Lavena Ponte Tresa (in Italy) and have left for a common destination: the custom bridge of Ponte Tresa, now known as “the Peace Bridge”.

From Agno to Ponte Tresa, also this year, the walk has given entertainment and in correspondence of each stop-over.

A distinctive trait of this 6th edition has been the award ceremony of the winning class of the contest “Draw a flag for peace” , launched in October 2018, in occasion of the previous edition of the event.

More than 160 students of Italian and Swiss schools have participate in the contest, in order to create with their pictures the official flag of the event.


Program of the day:

At 9.00 o’clock the Swiss group has gathered at the FLP station of Agno, where, as every year, the participants have been received with a breakfast, offered by the municipality of Agno and organized by Patrizia Cavagna.

Then the president and founder of the Culture Ticino Network association Margherita Maffeis and the mayor Thierry Morotti have delivered a speech.


After that the group left toward the court of the Casa comunale of Magliaso, that have been reached by the participants at 10 o’clock.

Here the Alessia Della Casa, from the association Veicolo Danza, has shown how to do warm-up exercises before the walk.

The participants left Magliaso at 11.20 a.m, in direction of Caslano, where they have been received by another buvette, prepared by the Scouts. Then the president Margherita Maffeis and the deputy mayor Iris Brugnetti gave their speeches.

We have had also the opportunity to admire the Musical Theatre performance of the Ashkenazy Ballet Center of Caslano.


At 11.20 a.m. we have left for the final stop: the custom bridge of Ponte Tresa.

In the final part of the way, we have been accompanied by the percussions of Capoeira Ginga Brasilia, that have given a captivating background music to the union of people, the moment in which the Swiss group meets the Italian one (that had left Lavena Ponte Tresa at 10.15 a.m).

At 12 a.m, liven up by their enthusiasm, the two groups of participants have met on the custom bridge, that has been overwhelmed by people, sounds and colors.

The crowd of families, students, authorities and participants from several countries have stopped the traffic for a moment, in order to celebrate all together.

A wonderful picture, which shows that people maintain bridges together, not stones, cement or iron.



After the official moment, during which the president Margherita Maffeis, the mayors of the border towns Massimo Mastromarino (Lavena Ponte Tresa) and Daniel Buser (Ponte Tresa) and Don Michal Derylo have delivered a speech, Swiss and Italians, finally reunited in just one group, went to the communal hall of Ponte Tresa, where the traditional “Maccheronata di solidarietà” has taken place, followed by an afternoon full of entertainment, shows and tief reflections.


An important moment as been the award ceremony of the winning class of the contest “Draw a flag for peace”.

The students of the two winning classes, the 3b of the primary school of Lavena Ponte Tresa and the 4b of the primary school of Montagnola-Collina d’Oro, have received on the stage of the communal hall the flag. The pictures have been chose by a jury, that have used criteria based on originality, relevance of the subject, concept and artistic ability.

The other classes have received a consolation prize.





Click on the picture to download the flyer of the event


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After the event, the association Culture Ticino Network will carry on its activities, especially the organization of the 8th edition of the World Peace Forum, that will be inaugurated on Mondany the 12th of November 2018, during the “Village of Peace” at the palazzo dei congressi of Lugano, a whole day dedicated to primary, secondary, high and professional schools of Ticino.


The funds raised during the events will support the projects of the Association in the Philippines and in Ticino.

Furthermore, we inform that it is possible to sign up for the project “Spazio Generazioni” of Caslano, through which English, German and Italian classes are offered to young people who finished the compulsory schools and have difficulties to get a job.


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