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More than 150 participants! 

“Walking for Peace” 

October 10th, 2015

Saturday, October 10th, 2015, Culture Ticino Network Association (Lugano) hosted a great solidarity event entitled “Walking for Peace“. This event was organized in collaboration with seven Swiss and Italian municipalities, including: Agno, Magliaso, Caslano, Ponte Tresa, Lavena Ponte Tresa and Luino.

The weather was great! Indeed, it had been a beautiful and sunny day which made this event even more enjoyable. The participants of the Swiss group departed at 9:30 am from the train station of Agno, and the Italian group departed at 11:00 am from Hirschorn Park, in Lavena Ponte Tresa.

Mrs. Margherita Maffes, founder and president of the Culture Ticino Network Association, welcomed the Swiss participants with a beautiful speech. The peaceful march then begun and the first stop was in Magliaso. Upon arrival in Magliaso, the group gathered in front of the Town Hall, where a refreshment area was set up with authorities’ presence and many non-profit organizations. The march continued towards Caslano, where participants were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Brugnetti and were treated with a beautiful dance performance by the Ashkenazy Ballet Center.

At 12:30 pm, there was a great symbolic moment: “the union of peoples” on the Customs Bridge of Ponte Tresa. The Swiss and Italian groups joined symbolically and exchanged peace flags. It was a moment of great importance, aggregation and solidarity.

All participants were subsequently directed to the municipal hall of Ponte Tresa, where the usual “maccheronata of solidarity” took place with conviviality and entertainment. The afternoon was also marked by extraordinary performances by the choir Arcobaleno a Pois from Pura, the duo The UNIO, and a capoeira performance by the Associazione of Arti del Drago from Luino.

The Culture Ticino Network Association thanks all participants for taking part in this wonderful event, which was confirmed to be a success. Thank also to all those who made this event possible by supporting our mission and spreading a message that touches the hearts of all generations. All funds raised of the day will be donated to two ambitious projects, such as: “Petali di Pace” an after school program for schools in Ticino and “Food and Poverty” in support of the orphanage Bethany House Sto. Niño in the Philippines.

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