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The transboundary event “In Cammino per la Pace“, held Saturday, October 8th, 2016, has amply fulfilled all the expectations placed in this fourth edition. The event dedicated to the culture of peace and solidarity, had the extraordinary participation of nearly 200 people at the walk and at the “maccheronata”. It proved the perfect opportunity to convey the values of peace through every step, from Agno to Ponte Tresa, with at the end the “maccheronata of solidarity” great moment of conviviality and entertainment.

The event, organized by the Culture Ticino Network Association, and sponsored by Swiss and Italian municipalities, including Ponte Tresa, Agno, Magliaso, Caslano, Bioggio, Lavena Ponte Tresa, Luino, Cadegliano, Maccagno, Dumenza, and the Province of Varese , it was once again characterized by great moments of solidarity, conviviality and entertainment, a signal of how this event is consolidating as a small-great tradition for the territories of the Varese and Malcantone.


At 9:00 AM was held the meeting where all the participants were greeted by a welcome coffee offered by the town of Agno, with the presence of municipal Patrizia Cavagna and Enrico Merlini. Before leaving the Jaguars Cheerleaders entertained people with magnificent performances! After the official part, the Culture Ticino Network Association, led by the president Margherita Maffeis, started the walk at 9:30 AM, where even Thierry Morotti mayor of Agno, Nicola Zappa municipal Bioggio, took part.

The first stop was made at 10:00 AM in Magliaso: the municipal Luca Paltenghi welcomed the participants with a welcome greeting, the group could drink beverages at the buvette organized by the “Gruppo Genitori” of Magliaso, and were heard beautiful poems about peace read by children living in Magliaso.


Later, the group stopped again at 11:00 AM in Caslano, where the dancers of the dance school Ashkenazy Ballet Center entertained the participants with breakdance! The deputy mayor Iris Brugnetti took the floor and, after the rest with the buvette stand organized by the Caslano Scout, joined the walk for the last part of the path.


Just walked in Ponte Tresa, the group had a nice surprise: the Bandella di Bedano has welcomed them with its upbeat music! The same Bandella accompanied the participants to the important moment, the symbolic “union of people“, which took place at about 12:00 PM on the bridge of Ponte Tresa, which separates Switzerland from Italy. The two groups, coming from both sides, have come together at this point, thus creating a single group, a way to emphasize the sense of unity, brotherhood and solidarity between people of different countries. The group then headed in the square adjacent to the bridge, where Don Luciano has blessed two olive trees, and there was an official speech by President Margaret Maffeis, along with Daniel Buser mayor of Ponte Tresa and Massimo Mastromarino mayor of Lavena Ponte Tresa. Olive trees have been sponsored by the Association Reatium and will respectively planted near the church of Ponte Tresa and close to elementary schools in Lavena Ponte Tresa.


The group then headed for the municipal hall of Ponte Tresa, where there was the usual “maccheronata of solidarity”. The lunch and the rest of the afternoon were cheered by numerous exhibitions, including those of the dance school “Ashkenazy Ballet Center” and the Bandella di Bedano. In addition there was a significant skype connection with Father David of the Magnificat Institute Jerusalem!


The president of the Culture Ticino Network Association, Margherita Maffeis, explained how in such a delicate moment, where war and terrorism are on the agenda, the message of peace must be constantly reinforced as a sign of hope for the future, especially for the younger generation. In addition, it underlined the importance of peace education as a preventive tool against violence and discrimination.

Among the different institutional figures present: Daniel Buser, Massimo Mastromarino, Iris Brugnetti and Municipal Councillor of Luino Enrica Nogara. Also contributed to the success of the volunteers of GastroSos Ticino, the Jaguars Cheerleaders, the “Gruppo Genitori” of Magliaso, the “Gruppo Genitori” and the Caslano Scout, the photographer Bomb Sargenti, border guards Reg. IV and many others! Among the many participants, moreover, some members of the Association A Piede Libero, Gruppo Samaritani Caslano, Unitas Malcantone, the Frecce Gialle Malcantone and CAI Luino.

An event full of fun, but do not forget the social commitment: the funds that were collected during the event will go towards the project “Renovation of the orphanage Bethany House Sto. Niño “in the Philippines, and the cultural project” Petals of Peace “, for children in the elementary schools in Ticino.

At the important 5th edition, the Culture Ticino Network Association will get in the coming weeks to work with the collaboration of municipalities and various associations, to grow the event involving more people. In the coming months, the Association will assess the feasibility of carrying out other activities on both territories.

“In the Way for Peace” it fits within the framework of the Association’s events led by the 6th World Forum for Peace, to which you are all invited to participate! This year the theme of the World Forum will be the “Social Justice”, and will be held from 12 to 14 November 2016, at the Villa Sassa Hotel Residence, where Saturday, November 12th from 3:30 PM there will be the official opening, the Cinema Lux Massagno and the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano.

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Press release of “Walking for Peace”

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