On Thursday, 13 October 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the 8th edition of the cross-border event organised by the Culture Ticino Network Association of Lugano, “Walking for Peace and the Environment“, took place, supported and sponsored by various Ticino and Italian municipalities and associations, including the municipalities of Agno, Bioggio, Caslano, Tresa and Lavena Ponte TresaDownload the flyer of the event: CLICK HERE

We are happy to share with you that, two years after the last edition – due to the pandemic – the event was a great success and we want to thank you for your presence and support.

For the first time, this year, the event also opened its doors to schools, which appreciated the initiative, attending with more than 200 children. During the day, a long procession of adults and children, under a warm October sun, passed through Malcantone and Varesotto with one common goal and desire: to promote peace in the world, respect for the environment and solidarity among peoples. Culture Ticino Network Association takes this opportunity to thank all those who made the event possible, making it an unforgettable moment, in particular a heartfelt thanks goes to the lecturers and the Italian delegation and all the supporters!







During the morning of Thursday, 13 October 2022, two groups from Switzerland and Italy embarked on a symbolic walk in which the aim was to unify the voices of those present, for causes supporting world peace and respect for the environment.

The group from Switzerland met at 8.45 a.m. at Piazza Lago in Caslano. At 9.15 a.m., following the opening song “Il mio nome è mai più” by the children from Lugano, and a brief welcome and greeting by our president Anna Margherita Maffeis-Natale and Caslano’s municipal council Marco Mariatti, the group began its walk, at the same time as the Italian group, which also started at 9.15 a.m., from Via Zanzi in Lavena Ponte Tresa, and headed towards the schools, where the young students were waiting for them, ready for their first “Walking for Peace and the Environment“.






The walk, undertaken by both sides, came to a meeting point; late in the morning, in fact, the two processions joined on the Ponte Tresa bridge, now known to be the symbol of the Walk for Peace and the union of peoples.

For a few minutes, the border section was “invaded” by a crowd of children, young people, adults and authorities smiling, determined and above all aware of the reason why they were there.





This moment of union and convergence symbolised how it is precisely people, with their humanity, who build a bridge of union, harmony and peace between the various peoples and cultures.

On the way, the procession reached Piazza Sangiorgio in Lavena Ponte Tresa, where the authorities present, including the Mayor of Lavena Ponte Tresa Massimo Mastromarino and the Municipal Mayor of Tresa Massimo Tavoli, launched a message of peace and tolerance, in order to banish prejudices and encourage confrontation and mutual understanding between all peoples. “We must all be builders of new bridges – added regional councillor Samuele Astuti – and the responsibility is also your children. Always remember that in a war everyone loses, in making peace, on the other hand, everyone comes out a winner”.

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Anna Margherita Maffeis-Natale, President of the Culture Ticino Network Association and Honorary Consul of the Philippines, brought greetings and emphasised: “We need a society that is more aware and courageous, and that never stops challenging wars and spreading the culture of peace through dialogue and diplomacy. In a war, there are no winners and losers, but we are all losers. Peace begins first within ourselves and then goes out into the world. It is essential to educate and live a culture of peace, as well as respect for our environment, in all possible contexts: in the family, in schools, in politics, in companies and in territories far and near, such as Switzerland and Italy”.

Enriching the journey were the children with their smiles and voices, who, in various songs, entertained everyone present. A moment of exchanging gifts between the Italian and Swiss students present then aroused emotions and deep feelings, coming from the depths of their hearts.

The event then continued inside the Tresa Municipal Hall, where, from 11:00 to 13:00, the official celebration took place, with presentations, guests and many surprises. Anna Margherita Maffeis-Natale, president of the Culture Ticino Network Association presented its activities, emphasising its mission and activities in the cultural sphere, in support of world peace and respect for the environment, which it has been promoting throughout Ticino for 10 years.

This year, in fact, marks the association’s 10th anniversary, and the event was the perfect moment to promote and disseminate a new artistic and engaging initiative: a competition called “Write a song for PEACE” dedicated to primary and middle school classes and children’s choirs; an incentive idea, with the aim of involving the new generations and raising their awareness.





Moreover, great guests from the local and international art scene attended the event, providing those present with moments of entertainment, involvement and pure fun. Among the entertainers was Natalia Carpenco, an amazing violinist, who accompanied the children with the soundtracks of the main cartoons, and awakened the adults’ present, memories of their sweet childhood. Magician Slash, bewitched everyone with his rope illusions and magic, while Fra Moreno and Samuela Castellotti, with their energetic dancing, got everyone up from their chairs, creating a moment of infinite joy. Finally, Marco Bernasconi, a singer of Filipino origin, moved the room with his testimony of poverty.

A small refreshment concluded the day, together with the solidarity tasting and sale of the “Gioia Esotica” cake, in collaboration with the Bignasca SA bakery in Sonvico. The proceeds of the donations were donated to “Professional training in the bakery-pastry sector and support for the start-up of independent businesses in the Province of Bulacan in the Philippines”.