Great success of the 5th edition of “Walking for Peace”, Saturday 7th October

The transboundary event “Walking for Peace”, was held on Saturday, 7th October with a wonderful weather. Many people partecipated at the Walking and then at the maccheronata of solidarity, took place at the sala comunale of Ponte Tresa, which was completely full! This is a strong evidence that this event – rich of solidarity  and conviviality- is settled in the territory of Malacantone and Varese’s area.

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Monday, 13th November, from 9:00 AM, at the Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano: 7th World Forum, Village of Peace

The Palazzo dei Congressi will be transformed into a real  “Village of Peace” with 11 seats, where structured workshops will be organized based on the age of the partecipants. Entries are open to elementary, middle, high school and professional students.

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Saturday, 18th November, from  5:00 PM, at the Villa Sassa Hotel Residence: 7th World Forum, Special evening dedicated to Peace and the Philippines

We are pleased to have with us, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Philippines, several renowned Ticino and international guests, including Ambassador of the Philippines. It will be an evening plenty of animation and music. During the evening you can also attend the inauguration of the collective art exhibition of the three Philippine artists.

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Sunday, 19th November, from  3:30 PM, at the Cinema Lux (Art House): 7th World Forum, Show of solidarity “Regala un sorriso”

This wonderful show of solidarity will represent the peace communication in every single shade, through dancing, music and singing. There will be Maristella Polli, Daniel Er, illusionist and mentalist, Francesca Parrotta, singer, Duo Full House, cabaret, and Julia Gertseva and with her childrens choir “La Musica”.

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Tuesday, 21st november, from  7:00 PM, at the Franklin University: 7° World Forum, public lecture in english

The conference’s title will be “Bridging East and West: The Philippines in Asia and the World. Commemorating 60 Years Of Philippines-Switzerland Diplomatic Relations” held by Dr. Jose Ricardo, history professor and director of the Third World Studies Center of the Diliman University in the Philippines.

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Sunday, 26th November, from 4:00 PM, at the Sala Multiuso of Paradiso: 7th World Forum, Show of Solidarity “Ballando e cantando per la pace”

Show of solidarity that will represent the peace communication in every single shade.  The artists will be: Manos Como Palomas, flamenco, Samah Gayed, dance of peace, Loris Allemann, singer-songwriter and Ashkenazy Ballet Center, ballet classic and modern.

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Friday, 1st December, from 7 p.m, at Biblio Café Tra l’altro Sagl: concert of Loris Allemann.

Finissage of an art exhibition “ADESSO”, for the occasion Loris Allemann will hold a concert with selected songs. The funds raised in this event will support the Association’s solidarity project.

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Thursday, 7th December, from 8 p.m, at Church of S.Antonio: 7th World Forum, solidarity concert “Voci solidali per la pace”.

We are pleased to invite you to the solidarity concert “Voci solidali per la Pace” by the Kolping Singers of Lugano. They will sing the most famous Gospel and Spiritual songs. The concert  is free entry.

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NEW PROJECT OF THE 2017:  Multipurpose Center in the Philippines

After the touching journey of the President of Culture Ticino Association, Margherita Maffeis, held at the beginning of 2017. It was born an import project in collaboration with the local association COPPA: the Multipurpose Center.


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Fair projects of Culture Ticino Network Association

Every year the Culture Ticino Network Association strives to support fair projects in order to help needy people both from Ticino and rest of the World.

Thanks to your help, during these years we have been supporting many charity events 


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