784x295_fb_event_tavola-rotondaSATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2016

The Culture Ticino Network Association of Lugano has the pleasure to invite you at the official opening of the 6th World Forum for Peace, Saturday, November 12, 2016, at Villa Sassa Hotel Residence Lugano, from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Attended by important guests, authorities, including the Hon. Mayor Marco Borradori, the Minister of the Philippines Maria Theresa Lazaro, the lawyer Chiarella Rei-Ferrari and Padre Abramo Unal of the Aramaic community. Afterwards there will be an unmissable Tavola Rotonda “Social justice: education and work“, which will be attended by the speakers Piera Levi-Montalcini, founder and president of the Levi-Montalcini Association, Suor Anna Monia Alfieri, president FIDAE Lombardia, Fabrizio Mazzonna , professor of USI and the moderator Antonio Franzi.
The participation at the opening and at the Tavola Rotonda is freely open to the public. Please inform us your presence by email to info@culture-ti.net or by calling +41 (0) 91 922 95 18.
After the Tavola Rotonda, again at Villa Sassa, there will be the Aperitif and Gala Dinner of solidarity “Sapori solidali nel tempo”, starting from 7:00 PM. An event not to be missed!

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bqm_1978-min_optGREAT SUCCESS!

The transboundary event “In Cammino per la Pace“, held Saturday, October 8th, 2016, has amply fulfilled all the expectations placed in this fourth edition. The event dedicated to the culture of peace and solidarity, had the extraordinary participation ofnearly 200 people at the walk and at the “maccheronata”. It proved the perfect opportunity to convey the values of peace through every step, from Agno to Ponte Tresa, with at the end the “maccheronata of solidarity” great moment of conviviality and entertainment.

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Asian girl portrait - looking to side. Manila, Philippines.

NOVEMBER 12-13-14, 2016


After various successes of the previous editions, the Culture Ticino Network Association of Lugano is very pleased to announce this year also the conduct of the World Forum for Peace! This 6th edition will be held November 12 to 14, 2016, and will present the theme of “Social Justice“. In particular, the underlying theme of the three days will be the right to employment and education, issues of great relevance!


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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gala Dinner of solidarity “Solidarity flavors over time”

At Villa Sassa, Lugano, at 7.00 pm

The Culture Ticino Network Association is pleased to invite you to the annual convivial evening with the Gala Dinner of solidarity, part of the 6th World Forum for Peace.
In the beautiful setting of the restaurant “Ai Giardini di Sassa”, after a tasty aperitif there will be the gala dinner of solidarity “Solidarity flavors over time” by the chef Luigi Lafranco, with the presence of renowned guests: first of all the consoles the Philippines, Mrs. Lazaro, the lawyer Rei Ferrari Chiarella, and many more!


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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Solidarity show “Justice on the scene, with the colors of Peace and Solidarity”

At Cinema Lux in Massagno, from 3:30 pm

This show of solidarity will present the theme of social justice through dance, music and song performances about this issue. It will be a unique and unmissable show, presented by Maristella Polli, a former RSI journalist. There will be performances of great music and entertainment by the dance school Ashkenazy Ballet Center, the duo Le UNIO and the Atelier ERGO Art Lab, in collaboration with the Ensemble Donn’Arte.


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In December 2015, the Association Culture Ticino Network has financed the purchase of food and medicines for the children living in the  Bethany House Sto. Nino orphanage,  in the Philippines. The fundraising , which took place during the 5th World Forum for Peace and other events, has allowed the association  to achieve this great goal. We have decided to continue to support the Bethany House for the year 2016. Follow us and help us raise funds for these children!

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inaugurazione-WF-2015GREAT SUCCESS!

5th World Peace Forum 

The World Peace Forum, held from the 14th to the 16th November 2015 and organized by the Culture Ticino Network, is reconfirmed, for the fifth year in a row, a great event full of debates, friendly gatherings, entertainment and guests, but especially of great solidarity.



To download the brochure of the 5th World Peace Forum CLICK HERE

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solidarietà The Minivan of Solidarity, it’s finally here!

Culture Ticino Network, along with many of its partners, has been able to earmark enough money to translate this ambitious project into reality. The minivan was delivered in May 2015 to GenerazionePiù diurnal center in Lugano.

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consegna quaderni (1)

Delivery of teaching materials to Loregae school!

We are pleased to inform that the project “Peace Karamoja” 2014-2015, by the GIM, and aims to support the development of the village Loleya in Uganda, has been materialized, thanks to our supporters, with the purchase of teaching materials for school students Lorengae, Uganda.

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